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[Wolf RPG] [HUNGRY CAMP] Please! My Cool Maid! [v1.10_MOD1]

Release Date: 2022-05-24
Original Title: おねがい!ツンツンメイドさん
Developer: HUNGRY CAMP DLsiteCi-enX(Twitter)
Translator: JustXuX – PatreonDiscord
Censored: Yes (Bars)
Version: 1.10_MOD1
OS: Windows
Language: English (Supervised high-quality MTL)
Store: DLsite

This is a simulation game where you make naughty requests to a cool (tsundere) maid.
All scenes feature hand-drawn animations (with ejaculation variations) and a simple touching mode (yes, you can undress her).
Includes 12 sex scenes.​

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(UNISONSHIFT) Chu×Chu! on the move ~Gorgeous Space-Time Diva Festival~ [VJ006590]

Release date Feb/03/2012
Scenario 緋川佳 / 風間ぼなんざ
Illustration 織澤あきふみ / あさぎしん
Voice Actor 榊原ゆい / 上野ちひろ / 金松由花 / 木村あやか / かわしまりの / 真宮ゆず / 鷹月さくら / 本山美奈 / 田中一郎 / 空乃太陽 / ワンモアチャンス / 西野みく / ミスター・デリンジャー
Product format
Supported languages

Chuchu and Chiyu debuted as girlfriend idols and gained popularity.
Three visitors from the future appear in front of the two as they prepare for a new live performance.
The person who appeared beyond time was Chuno Churam, the heroine of Chu×Chu2 who had not yet made her debut!
Then, the “mysterious man” and the “evanescent mysterious girl” glare at Ruchu and the others.

“Steal your “song”…”

The duo of “Mysterious Man” and “Evanescent Mysterious Girl” steal Chuchu’s song and disappear into nowhere.
From a duo of song thieves who have the power to fly into the past, the fused vampire idols
Will they be able to get their songs back? ?

This is the missing link that connects the two eras, and a new story for the two eras that begins now.

■□■ Characters appearing ■□■
●Chuchu Astrum (CV: Yui Sakakibara)
The heroine of Chu×Chu1 is a vampire.
Every day, she kisses and unites with Chiyu Nakauchi and becomes active in the entertainment industry as the vampire idol “Chua Churam”.
She is free-spirited, likes mischief, and loves sex.
However, she never cuts corners when it comes to her work as an idol.
However, this time she was cursed by her singing, and she became so tone-deaf that any song she sang would cause damage to those around her.
She is determined to get the song back in time for the concert.

●Tomoyuki Nakauchi (CV: Yui Sakakibara)
The heroine and student of Chu×Chu1. She is Chuchu’s partner.
She is a serious, bright, kind and active girl, but when she gets embarrassed, she gets angry.
She gets caught up in Chuchu, and she ends up doing naughty things with Kensuke as well.
Neither she nor she can refuse them.
She has also fallen under her curse, so her singing has become tone deaf.

●Luchu Astrum (CV: Chihiro Ueno)
The heroine of Chu×Chu2 and a half-vampire by birth.
In the future world, she kisses and fuses with her partner Yukino Takamachi,
She became the vampire idol “Chuno Churam” and is active in the entertainment industry.
Unlike Chuchu, she is a serious and energetic girl. Her sex appeal is also a bit lacking, including her breasts.
However, she has great respect for Chuchu, who can be called her older sister.
She was originally under a similar curse, but I wonder if she has something to do with it.

●Takamachi Yukino (CV: Yui Sakakibara)
The heroine of Chu×Chu2 and a student.
She is Luchu’s partner and also came from the future.
She has a quiet personality and icy eyes that give a cold impression to those around her, but she is actually a shy girl who is kinder than anyone else.
It seems that in the future she has a boyfriend (the main character of her 2) waiting for her.
She is at a loss because her singing, which was her only and best way to express herself, has been taken away from her.

●Diva (CV: Miku Nishino)
A small girl with a curse that steals her song and the power to travel to the past.
She took away her song in the time of Chuno and appeared in the time of Chua as she was beyond her time.
She was also the girl who stole Chua’s song.
She seems smug, but her tone is blunt and a bit picky.

●Ordoga Iosan (CV: Mr. Dillinger)
A free-spirited man who always follows a mysterious girl to protect her.
Although he pretended to steal other people’s songs,
“I’m more afraid of regret than failure,” says the man who can’t be hated.


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[EUPHORIC!] Treasure Fragment [v2.0]

Release Date: 2024-03-19
Developer: EUPHORIC! Ci-enPixiv FanboxPatreonSubscribestarDLsitePixivTwitter
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese,

A kingdom where wild emotions are suppressed by the power of hidden treasures and a peaceful life is lived.
However, the hidden treasures and the princess are stolen by the Demon King who suddenly appears!
To save the kingdom from chaos, you must defeat the enemies that stand in your way!​

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[VN] [Appetite] Bitchgal’s rock-hard orgasm ~Falling for the private tutor’s huge virgin dick~[Final]

Release Date: 2018-05-25
Original Title: ビッチギャルのガチイキアクメ ~家庭教師の童貞巨根にハマり堕ち~
Aliases: Bitch Gyaru no Gachi Iki Acme ~Katei Kyoushi no Doutei Kyokon ni Hamari Ochi~
Developer: Appetite DLsite
Translator: AnimeMonolith – Patreon
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Short (~3 hours)
VNDB: Link
Store: DLsite

Eiji is normal university student with gynophobia.
Because of that, he has always been avoiding interact with women despite wanting a girl friend for ages.
However, one day his mother suddenly asks him to tutor a gyaru high school student in neighborhood.
He knows about that girl and she is indeed epitome of his fear: Slutty, Cheeky, Noisy and Beautiful!? What will his life become now?​

Full save included.
Cracked .exe could show up in virus scan, this is a false positive, there is nothing I can do about it.

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[CIRCUS] Alpiji Gakuen 1.5

This game request you to applyNo DVD + No Serial Patchto play the game !

⚠️ P@tch file ⚠️
[CIRCUS] あるぴじ学園1.5 NoDVD + NoSerial Patch.EXE


Hybrid Analysis

Virus Total

Installation Instructions

  1. Mount the ISO file
  2. Run setup.exe from the mounted ISO file and install the game

When you installing the game PLEASE SHOULD 「最大」 to install all game data.

  1. Extract and install the Version 1.5 update patch
  2. Extract and copy [CIRCUS] あるぴじ学園1.5 NoDVD + NoSerial Patch.EXE to the installation folder of the game.
  3. Apply [CIRCUS] あるぴじ学園1.5 NoDVD + NoSerial Patch.EXE files
  4. Done ! Now you can launch the game via the desktop icon.


Save game located at

C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\Saved Games\サーカス\あるぴじ学園\


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(CIRCUS X STELLA)A.G.II.D.C. ~Arpiji Gakuen 2.0 The biggest crisis in circus history! ? ~

⚠️ Read first ! ⚠️

This game request you to applyNo DVD + No Serial Patchto play the game !

⚠️ P@tch file ⚠️
A.G.II.D.C.~あるぴじ学園2.0 サーカス史上最大の危機!?~ for Update 1.01.EXE


Hybrid Analysis

Virus Total

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract AG2DC.mdf with 7zip or winrar and install the game via setup.exe
  2. When you installing the game PLEASE SHOULD 「最大」 to install all game data.

  3. When install finished it will popup like this ↓↓↓ to ask for insert the game DVD, Select キャンセル

  4. Extract and install 1.01 update patch
  5. Copy A.G.II.D.C.~あるぴじ学園2.0 サーカス史上最大の危機!?~ for Update 1.01.EXE to the installation folder of the game.
  6. Apply A.G.II.D.C.~あるぴじ学園2.0 サーカス史上最大の危機!?~ for Update 1.01.EXE files
  7. Done ! Now you can launch the game via the desktop icon.


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[Pink Pencil] Space Slut Adventures [Final]

Release Date: 2024-04-12
Developer: Pink Pencil DLsiteWebsite
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLsite

Explore 15 different levels featuring around 60 different monsters. Jump and shoot – a fairly simple game.

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[RPGM] [Maistar] Onahole Quest [v2.00]

Release Date: 2022-02-02
Developer: Maistar DLsiteCi-en
Translator: Mediocre Translation Patreon
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 2.00
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan Translation)
Voices: Japanese
Store: DLsite

The protagonist is summoned to a world where the Demon Lord and his succubi minions have already taken over the world!
But wait! It seems onaholes have demon-slaying capabilities!
Together with his fairy companions, the protagonist strikes out to save the world with the power of jerking!
Can he make it back to the real world, where his cute little sister awaits?

Developer Notes:

An HPRG for masochists, where the male protagonist gets onahole jerked
by almost all the female characters.Part 1of the game is focused on H scenes in rapid succession,
while part 2 is focused on the scenario and RPG elements.H scenes are fully unlocked from the get-go, so you can skip right to the juicy stuff if you wish!
Of course, we made sure to give plenty of attention to the RPG gameplay as well.

– 35 base CG + variations
– 38+ H scenes
– 13 hours of recorded ero voices
– 816×624 resolution (RPG TKool MV standard)
– Only 1 ending, but there are sub-scenarios

– Contains a guide 3 clicks before ejaculation scenes
– H scene skip
– Combat skip
– Invincibility mode
– Clear without combat (if so desired)
– Revive (So you don’t need to do so much save and load)
– Save anywhere (with some exceptions)
– No grinding elements (though there are extra bosses, etc.)
– Silent protagonist option

Enjoy a fun, stress-free gaming experience with lots of ero!

[Play time]
Main story: Approx. 3 hours
+ H scenes: Approx. 13 hours (can be skipped)
+ Sub Stories: Approx. 2 hours
+ Extra elements (equipment strengthening, extra bosses, etc.)

Contains tons of onahole-based situations, along with sex scenes for 3 characters.
H events only occur during the story – no combat H
– Yandere onahole jerking
– Reverse-rape impregnating onahole jerking
– Womb sex onahole sex
– Public onahole jerking
– Anal & verbal teasing public onahole jerking
– reverse stuck-in-the-wall onahole jerking
– Drugged oneshota onahole jerking
– Little sister onahole jerking
– Little sister using a strap-on
– Enema & onahole teasing
– Double ear licking onahole jerking
– Masochist livestock bad end
– Onahole footjob
– Reverse NTR onahole jerking
– Double fellatio from non-human sisters
– Titjob and submissive ejaculation
– Titjob bad end
– Lovey sex with a ghost girl
– Onahole slave transformation
– Gut-punching reverse rape by youkai
– Bukkake onahole support from a smell-fetish youkai
– Slime violation fap support and more!

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(UNiSONSHIFT) Chu×Chu Idol 2 -melodies×memories- [VJ005828]

Release date Jun/10/2011
Scenario 緋川佳
Illustration 織澤あきふみ / あさぎしん
Voice Actor 上野ちひろ / 榊原ゆい / 青葉りんご / かわしまりの / 本山美奈 / 真宮ゆず / 鷹月さくら / 田中一郎 / 木村あやか / ワンモアチャンス
Music AngelNote
Product format
AdventureVoiceMusic / 合体!?新吸血鬼アイドルとドキドキHなADV
Supported languages

Human girl and vampire girl kiss and become idols
A sequel to the popular work “Chu×Chu Idol”, which takes place several years later with a new heroine, is now available!
In this work, the new idol “Chuno Churam” who inherited the name “Chuchu” makes her debut.
The new heroine will be played by a double cast of Yui Sakakibara and Chihiro Ueno, who are familiar from Yuinyan.
Pay attention to the interaction between the two, which is different from the previous work!

The attractive illustrations and worldview by the original artist Akifumi Orizawa remain as they are,
Enhancement of rich H scenes with a focus on quality ♪
Also, the number of songs written by AngelNote is double that of the previous work.
Yui Sakakibara, who serves as the OP vocalist, and other gorgeous artists will also be participating!

“All the servants! Please follow closely!!”

A few years after the previous work “Chu×Chu Idol”.
Popular idol “ChuChu” mysteriously disappears!
The entertainment world is in an uproar.

Meanwhile, her younger sister “Chuno Churam”, who inherited her name “Chuchu”, makes her debut!
However, the new “Tutu” had a secret.
She turns out to be an idol where female student Yukino and vampire Luchu kiss and fuse together.

After seeing the kissing scene, the main character, Daigo, is forced to become his servant.
Ordinary school life quickly turns into something extraordinary.
Will he be able to return to his old life as demons secretly disappear?

●Luchu Astrum CV: Chihiro Ueno
A half-vampire girl who attends the same school as the main character and is an aspiring idol.
She’s a little angry, but she’s strong-willed and reliable. She is sometimes idle.
She kisses Yukino, fuses with her, transforms into Chuno Churam, and becomes an idol.
She is in charge of talking and dancing in the combined state.

●Yukino Takamachi CV: Yui Sakakibara
Luchu’s best friend who attends the same school as the main character, and is an aspiring idol.
Contrary to her cool appearance, she is kind-hearted and hard-working, but extremely shy.
Because of this, she is nervous and cannot sing in front of people she doesn’t know when she is alone.
In her combined state, she is in charge of vocals, taking advantage of her high singing ability.

●Chuno Churam CV: Yui Sakakibara & Chihiro Ueno
She is an idol who newly debuted from Skull Rabbit after Chua disappeared.
Her godfather was Chua, and she became known as his younger sister.
She is a combination of Ruchu and Yukino, resulting in a mixture of their characteristics.
Future activities are expected.

●Primo CV: Ringo Aoba
A mysterious girl who appears just like Chua after Chua disappears.
She is an elusive girl, and she brings trouble to Daigo and the others, but then quickly leaves.
She is extremely naive and is surprised when she sees cars or television.
This led to Daigo getting his blood sucked by Chuuno.

●Daigo Usami (main character)
A student who attends a school with a performing arts course.
Although he has both literary and military backgrounds, he is incredibly bright and has a sensitive personality when it comes to tears and emotions.
He is a good-natured person who takes the initiative to play the poor lottery for others.
After his blood was sucked by Chuno, he became Chuno’s manager.
He doesn’t like strange phenomena and he gets extremely scared.


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