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[Unity] [R’s] Parasitic Evil [v2.07]

Release Date: 2023-12-05
Developer: R’s WebpageSteam
Censored: No
Version: 2.07
OS: Windows
Language: English

In the aftermath of a disaster, the protagonists are brought into a hospital involved in enigmatic research.
Despite surviving the ordeal, they are now faced with deranged transformations;
they must escape from the hospital which threatens to erode their minds and bodies.​

◆Game Features and Gameplay

Evil Spirit Parasitism is a 2D side-scrolling action game, where your survival relies on utilizing various items at hand. Listen keenly to avoid monsters, conceal your tracks, or bravely fight with the available weapons.

As you encounter diverse mysteries within the hospital, you must seek the truth behind the events and find a way to escape.

The game employs fully dynamic CG production, featuring character illustrations and a variety of erotic or obscene events as content.
With increasing experience, more events and dialog will unlock.

◇ Side-scrolling shooter gameplay
◇ Multiple items and intriguing puzzle mini-games, providing a perfect escape from the hospital’s enclosed rooms.
◇ Interactive, erotic content, allowing players to engage freely in intimate encounters.


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[RPGM] [Isekai Incubus] Isekai Incubus Island [v0.8.5]

Release Date: 2023-12-05
Developer: Isekai Incubus PatreonDeviantartTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.5
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

This new game is very based on farming/dating system. It’s still far from playable.
I have to make sure everything works first. But that’s for system part.​

New content
+ new quest and love scene for Fenna
+ Fenna’s doggy-style scene got expanded a little longer

Bug fixed and changes
+ Girls’ quests are played automatically if you have too many hearts which break the game logic and immersive (Huge bug!) – fixed
+ Quest 2 of Fenna, A random girl doesn’t spawn correctly – fixed
+ Collector room and Fenna bug – fixed.
+ Henhouse doesn’t need a key – fixed
+ Some quests may cause a black screen – fixed.
+ Hot spring house is jail you after paid – fixed
+ There are 2 Cebina in her room – fixed
+ Alice quest 1 A food tester is moved from the bar to in front of the town center.
+ minors bug fixed
+ minors changes got applied.


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[Unity] [Fire Fenix Fox] Bathroom Ramming [2023-07-12]

Release Date: 2023-07-12
Developer: Fire Fenix Fox DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: 2023-07-12
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

Repeatedly ram the girl with manual or auto mode to make her have successive orgasms,
you can cum inside or outside and make a huge mess everywhere in the bathroom.
The audio will make you feel as if you are inside the bathroom with the girl.​

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[Collection] [Unity] [Eastasiasoft Limited] Eastasiasoft Limited Collection [Final]

Release Date: 2023-05-25
Developer: Eastasiasoft Limited – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

Meet 5 cute cross-dressing characters as they challenge you to tile-matching mahjong solitaire!
Clear the playfield and unlock new outfits for your companions in this this celebration of Japanese “otokonoko” style and sub-culture.​

Sexy reveal mechanics aren’t just for pretty girls anymore.
Now the boys get their time in the spotlight with the debut of Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire, a tile-matching game where cute male characters will challenge you to increasingly difficult puzzle layouts and dress up in feminine attire to reward you with every three stages you clear. Butlers become maids, cowboys appear as cowgirls, doctors dress as nurses and more!
It’s crossdressing fanservice fun exploring the “otokonoko” subculture of Japan, featuring five original characters to meet and adore.

Every time you play, tiles are shuffled to keep each session unpredictable.
On the third stage of each challenge, new outfits will gradually be revealed as you clear away tiles. Succeed, and new images will be added to the Dressing Room mode for casual viewing.
Race the clock and combo tile matches for higher scores to climb the leaderboards, or for a more relaxed experience, switch to Easy mode to disable the timer and take advantage of hints and shuffle assists.
With 60 unique tile layouts and randomized patterns, there’s always a reason to come back for more quality time with these lovely boys!

Clear every stage, and you might discover even deeper secrets…


• Match tiles and beat the clock to clear each round.
• Reveal increasingly spicy outfits as you progress!
• Meet 5 crossdressing boys, all voiced in Japanese.
• Switch between 2D and 3D tile graphics.
• View unlocked characters and costumes in Dressing Room mode.
• Enjoy unlimited replay value across 60 challenging stages!

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Breakup!
Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Dropout!

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Klondike Solitaire
Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire


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[VN] [ CyberStep, Inc & Rideon Works Co. Ltd,] Dangerous Village Tradition [Final]

Release Date: 2023-10-19
Original Title: Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲
Developer: CyberStep, Inc Steam / Rideon Works Co. Ltd Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, +15 (MTL)

“Dangerous Village Tradition – 鬼鎮村の危険な因襲 -” is a visual novel game that depicts a married couple who have moved to the countryside being manipulated by the strange local tradition of “Onibarai” (Demon Purification). Eventually, they find themselves unable to escape the stimulation of this tradition.

A Bishojo Game released in 2016 under the “Black Currant” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players around the world to enjoy.

After refusing to participate in the “Onibarai”, the harassment by the villagers continued.
Every day, their well-tended fields were vandalized, and even the windows of their house were shattered…

“Even so, I… want to live with people who coexist with nature.”
Ayako was firmly resolved. Even if it meant ultimately betraying Yuto…

Developer Notes:

After refusing to participate in the “Onibarai”, the harassment by the villagers continued.
Every day, their well-tended fields were vandalized, and even the windows of their house were shattered…”Even so, I… want to live with people who coexist with nature.”
Ayako was firmly resolved. Even if it meant ultimately betraying Yuto…Synopsis
Yuuto Sumii and his wife Ayako moved to a rural village after getting married.
Contrary to the closed-off image often associated with rural areas, they were warmly welcomed by the villagers who surrounded them with a cheerful atmosphere.
Despite the inconveniences typical of the countryside, they were determined to build a happy life.


In this village, there was something fundamentally deranged.
The “Onibarai” tradition.
A tradition where several young women from the village were selected to act as lovers with men dressed as demons.

Yuuto got entangled in it, and even his wife, Ayako…
Gradually, they were engulfed by madness, manipulated by the villagers.

Trapped by the dreaded tradition, can the two of them ever regain their peace…

Ayako Sumii
“I want to spend my whole life in this village. Even until I become a grandmother.”
Yuuto’s wife Ayako is very kind and manages both household chores and farming work.
They have just recently married and are enjoying their newlywed life.
Due to Ayako’s wish, they moved to the countryside, and Yuuto feels a slight sense of indebtedness as he adapts to the inconveniences typical of the countryside.

Chinatsu Suzubayashi
“I’ve finally become accustomed to it. So please, just leave it be.”
She has an outstanding figure, but she’s a shy girl who struggles with social interactions having grown up in the village.
While tending to the village’s general store, she met Yuuto when he came shopping.
She has been participating in the “Onibarai” since childhood and sees the tradition as perfectly normal.

Misaki Toudou
“Wonderful… I wanted to be with a cool guy like Yuuto.”
She has a straightforward personality, with her charming features being her blonde ponytail and smile.
She takes extreme actions in her desire to possess Yuuto exclusively.
She has an interest in the “Onibarai” and moved to the village before the protagonists did.

A resident of the same village who is a freeter. He participate in the “Onibarai day and night.
Acting on instincts, he tries to approach Ayako, whom he met for the first time.

The village chief who oversees the “Onibarai”. He pretends to be a kind elderly man with a forced smile.
But his true nature is the embodiment of desire. Under the guise of a ritual, he indulges with young women day and night in a cave.

Yuuto Sumii
A city dweller who moved from the city to the countryside after marrying Ayako.
He initially found the ritual repulsive, but after participating himself, he lost his resistance to it.

Some scenes in the game contain mild sexuality, strong language, textual anxiety and fear-mongering, and mild violence, and may not be suitable for minors or all ages.


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[RPGM] [Gaptax] Zansenki Exwell [v1.05]

Release Date: 2020-12-30
Developer: GapTax DLsiteCi-en
Translator: ChubbyCat
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.05
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Store: DLsite

Exwell fights against the evil organization called Viennis,
but gets turned into a futanari.
Can she defeat the villains and recover her original body?
Take control of Rin, the transforming heroine Exwell,
and fight against Viennis and its leader Queen Deena.
But if she gets defeated, violation awaits…​

Common Problems / Bugs
– Sometimes the portrait picture of Rin disappears when talking to someone, leaving only her eyes displayed on the screen. If you encounter this, just leave any building to refresh the portrait picture.
– You may get stuck when seeing “Personal Info” in the menu for too long. Press F5 (restart the game) to fix this bug.

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[Unity] [BouSoft] Dereah Sister Hypnosis App [v1.2.7]

Release Date: 2023-12-04
Original Title: でれあへ?妹発情催眠アプリ!
Developer: BouSoft DLsiteCi-enTwitterWebsite
Censored: No (Patched)
Version: 1.2.7
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese, English, Spanish
Voices: Japanese
Other Games: BouSoft
Store: DLsite

It’s a 3D touching game with a strong degree of freedom and obsession. You can experience interactive touches in real time.

You can touch almost all parts of the girl’s body, from her head to the soles of her feet, and even her sides and cheeks.

Her hair is silky smooth, and her soft parts such as her breasts, buttocks, belly, and cheeks are soft.

She can be made to stand, sit, crawl on all fours, or lie down. Posing can be changed seamlessly.

There is a camera that can be moved freely and a fixed camera that focuses on a specific part of the body.​

Adjusted the way joints bend.
Fixed an issue where sound would cut off during blowjob scenes.

Here is what we fixed and adjusted in Dereahe~Ver1.2.6.
Fixed a bluish color of wipe camera image when screen resolution is low.
Fixed that the item inserted into the mouth was not visible.
Fixed a problem where the item inserted into the mouth was not visible.


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[Hizure] Conquest of Celestis Tower Ver1.2+DLC Strong and Weak [RJ01078943]

Release date Aug/15/2023
Update information Aug/17/2023

Author hizure
Scenario hizure
Illustration hizure
Voice Actor このえゆずこ  / 美咲さゆり / すみれな / にしだあきら / 本多未季 / 柳島あかね / アオナミツバメ
Product format
File format
Supported languages
Event Comic Market 102
File size

Hire a female adventurer to conquer Celestia Tower!
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

—Version 1.2—-
– All love scene events are now available for viewing. It will appear as a feature of New Game Plus. A heart mark will be added to the New Game Plus inn.
– Added the ability to skip the intro scene in New Game Plus.
————————————————– ———————————-
Android version available!
If you’ve played the game and there’s anything you’d like to see improved, please let us know using this form! Thank you!
————————————————– ———————————-
Climb the tower and uncover the mysteries hidden in Celestia Tower!

No one knows when or how Celestia Tower will appear. However, the monsters and treasure within the tower promised fame and fortune to those brave enough to explore it.

The player is one of many adventurers exploring the tower. You can also hire other adventurers to help you in battle and experience romance with them!
More fun with interactive CG!
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

During love scenes, you can interact with CG through mini-games.
Enjoy a tense fantasy story!
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

Advance through the 50th floor of Celestis Tower!
Investigate mysterious events surrounding the tower!
You are sure to enjoy various love scenes!
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

Interact with the adventurers you hired and unlock love scenes with each adventurer!
The harem scene will also be unlocked!
Character introduction!
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

Game CG example/Notice
Conquest of Celestis Tower [Hizure]

Game genre:
The demo file contains 36 CGs.
The full game contains over 160 CGs!

CG gallery features:
You can view unlocked CGs from the in-game menu or start screen.
There is also a function to completely unlock all CGs after clearing the game.

Production details:
Created with RPG Maker MZ
The illustrations are drawn by AI and re-edited by artist Hizure.


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[H&Stock] Yuusha’s Footprints Ver1.0 [RJ01076188]

Release date Jul/19/2023
Update information Jul/31/2023

Series name GAME 〜ゲーム〜
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

The person who suddenly appeared in front of me was… a princess from some country.


My parents went away for a week of spring break.
I started playing retro video games casually.

But something doesn’t seem right.
There are no inhabitants in the game world…?

At that time, something suddenly appeared in front of me…
She was a princess from some country.

The game and the real world are connected.
A short but long week begins with the princesses.


“Exploration adventure RPG that travels between games and the real world” presented by H&Stock

●The story unfolds by traveling between the game world and the real world.

○Real world: You can explore daily life with princesses and the town.
○ Game: A standard RPG in which the player controls the game and advances while defeating monsters.


Princess and maid + several female characters appear!
Over 70 erotic events!


●Dress-up system
A variety of costumes are available for the princess and maid.
You can change the dress at any time!

●Gallery/reminiscence space
You can always view past galleries (illustrations) and flashbacks (H scenes) when you return to your room!

●Memo function
Important tasks are always memorized automatically, whether in the game or in the real world.

●Sharing between saves
Costumes, galleries, and H scenes will be shared between saves!
It is possible to collect data even if it is not the same save data.

We are disseminating information on progress, strategies, updates, etc. on Ci-en.


It was created using RPG Maker MV, and the operating environment is based on the product specifications of RPG Maker MV.
For a comfortable play, please be sure to check the operation using the trial version.

In the product version, we will fix bugs and re-adjust the game balance, etc.
We may ask you to re-download, so please register as a member.
A short but long week begins with the princesses.

Yuusha’s Footprints [H&Stock]

Enjoying spring break
main character boy
Yuusha’s Footprints [H&Stock]

Mysterious RPG game
“Barnera Quest”
Everything starts when you start it up.
Yuusha’s Footprints [H&Stock]

Devana Castle
princess namelia
Yuusha’s Footprints [H&Stock]

serve the princess
maid lucia


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[girl’s.FC] After School Bitch School [RJ01048016]

Release date Apr/15/2023
Series name アフ活シリーズ
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size


The school that the main character attends has an unusual club activity.
It’s called the “Bitch Club” and activities begin every day after school.

For club members, any man is a sexual target.
I’m desperately looking for a male student who looks like I’m going to fuck you again today.

Not knowing this, the main character returns to school after school to retrieve something he forgot.
As expected, he gets caught up in the activities of the Bitch Club…

The main character has just started dating his girlfriend,
She desperately resists so that the members of the bitch club won’t take her virginity away.

However, the main character’s lover has a secret that she cannot tell anyone.
The protagonist learns her secret and takes unexpected action…


This is a game where you collect forgotten items scattered around the map.
There is no battle, but female characters are waiting in various places to attack the main character.
If you are caught by a female character, you will enter an erotic event.

There is no game over, and anyone can clear the game.
After clearing the game, there is a reminiscence mode where you can unlock any missed sex events.

There are over 30 different maps, and girls will launch naughty attacks everywhere.

There are following types of maps:

(1-1~1-2, 2-1~2-4, 3-1~3-4, 4-1~4-4, 5-1~5-4)
・Wandering corridor
·Men’s restroom
・Women’s toilet
・Health room
・Science room
・Art room
・Special room
·music room

○Ecchi event

There are a total of 40 sex events.
The erotic CG is basically 40 images + variations.

The sex is mainly reverse rape and is aimed at M.
Recommended for those who like situations where girls are attacked.
There is also a cuckold element.

There is a reminiscence mode, so you can look back on the sex scenes as many times as you like.


We use AI to create event CG.
We have made modifications to the CG using AI to ensure that it does not fail.

The game is created with WOLF RPG Editor.
The operating environment complies with this.

A trial version is available, so please try it first.


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