[Amuai Okashi Seisakusho (KOJIKA, Amuai)] Kyuukyoku no Milk | the ultimate milk (TSF Comic Shuu Kyuukyoku no Milk)

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Amuai Okashi Seisakusho (KOJIKA, Amuai)] TSF Comic Shuu Kyuukyoku no Milk (Desudesu) (eng).html

Pages: 27 Size: 7 mb
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[SEMEDAIN G (Mokkouyou Bond, Mizutani Mint)] SEMEDAIN G WORKS Vol. 35 – Shirohebi Ryuuko | The White Serpent and the Dragon Crotch (Slayers)

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/Slayers - Semedain G Works Vol. 35.html

Pages: 27 Size: 32 mb
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[Monaka Udon (Monikano)] Renshuukan Kashima Jinmon Chousho (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/(C90) [Monaka Udon (Monikano)] Renshuukan Kashima Jinmon Chousho (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)[English] [CrowKarasu].html

Pages: 21 Size: 53 mb
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[Touyou Zatsugidan] Shokuinshitsu

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Touyou Zatsugidan] Shokuinshitsu [English] {Hennojin}.html

Pages: 93 Size: 56 mb
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[Yosutebito na Mangakaki (Tomoki Tomonori)] Fushigi no Kuni wa Tanetsuke Biyori (Alice in Wonderland)

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Yosutebito na Mangakaki (Tomoki Tomonori)] Fushigi no Kuni wa Tanetsuke Biyori (Alice in Wonderland) [Digital] [English] [Tigoris Translates].html

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[RPG] [AzureZero] Marielle’s Mansion Madness

Title / タイトル: Marielle’s Mansion Madness
Brand / ブランド: AzureZero
Release / 販売日: 2018/09/06
File size / ファイル容量: 88MB

While looking for a way to disenchant a curse of lactation,
Marielle strays into a mansion ruled by a dark sorcerer.
Will she be able to get the talisman back to win freedom or
get impregnated and enslaved and be a part of the sorcerer’s H collection?

– Animated sex scenes
– The battle system is based on throwing fireballs. Don’t run out of fireballs!
– Fun adventure story






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[Tousen Soudou (Tousen)] GINTITI 0 (Rozen Maiden)

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Tousen Soudou (Tousen)] GINTITI 0 (Rozen Maiden) [English] [bewbs666].html

Pages: 26 Size: 7 mb
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[RPG] [Laboratory] Tentacle dungeon RPG ~ Trial of Rotwald ~ Ver.1.00

Title / タイトル: 触手ダンジョンRPG ~ロットバルトの試練~
Brand / ブランド: Laboratory
Release / 販売日: 2018/08/25
File size / ファイル容量: 276MB

A pseudo dungeon RPG that will capture the dungeon while playing with a tentacle or becoming a belly!

· Basic CG 21 sheets (including standing pictures erotic)
· Bottom belly on all HCG, reflection of costume breaking difference
· Erotic in combat by standing pictures

◆ Story
A girl in the Rott Barth family, Shirley.
She was spending a lot of daily training while being regarded promising as the next head of the next term.
In order to train such a daughter, Mother Anne = Rotbart sent out Shirley to the dungeon raped by tentacles … …

◆ Dungeon Search
In dungeons, creatures under estrus may set traps.
Mucus flew away, swamped in the swamp, restrained, broke clothes,
Various traps are waiting for Shirley.
Every time you go to the back you will find it hard to avoid traps, but you can discover rare items.

◆ Quest
You can receive quests at the base Rottwald family.
Each achievement is given a skill point and gold as a reward,
You can strengthen your ability and exchange items.

In the dungeon, enemies under estrus try to breed in every way.
Slime melting clothes, tentacle creatures trying to drag in the nest,
If it can not be avoided, clothes will be damaged, mucus will be covered, or you will fight in a belly condition.
(Corruption of battles clothes and belly belly status are all reflected in the erotic scene)

Please get through the tentacles organisms and traps that are approaching, and train Shirley.

* The operation during game play is done with mouse and keyboard.
Please be aware that mouse operation is required for some events.






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[RPG] [kegani laboratory] Brain wash dungeon Ver.1.20

Title / タイトル: 洗脳ダンジョン
Brand / ブランド: 毛ガニ研究室
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/26
File size / ファイル容量: 1.29GB

* Story
The town was annihilated and the lord of the town was murdered by monsters’ assaults.
Years later, the town has been ruled by three different parties.
A daughter of the lord Lilian struggles to get the town back.

* System
– Choose your party
You can choose one of the three parities to join.
But all of them are groups of perverts trying to brainwash the heroine.
Can she avoid their malicious traps!?

– Random Ero Dungeons
You can send her to slums as a representative of the party.
Some erotic things may randomly occur to raise her level of brainwash.

– Speedy Card Battle
An original game system in the intersection of the card game and the TRPG.
Collect cards and build your own decks.

– Random Dungeons
Enemies and dungeons are randomly generated,
delivering new experiences in every attempt to challenge a dungeon.

– Prison System
She will be imprisoned when defeated by a hostile party.
If she takes too long to break out, she may be brainwashed.
When her level of brainwash goes over a certain value, she becomes
able to betray her party and join the hostile parties.
It is possible for her to bat for different parties.

– Replay-ability
There are 6 classes/jobs in addition to the three parties that enrich the replay-ability.

– Clothing Variations
There are variations in clothing damage, naked etc.

– CG Count
About 20 CG.
The total number of CG is huge considering additional ero dungeon CG.

– Functions
Scene reminiscence
Scene skip
Scenes unlocked after the game clear
Three difficulty level options

* Operational Requirements
1280×720 or greater resolution is required.






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[RPG] [Shimizu-an] Machine gimmick Deus ~ The Devil who came from another world

Title / タイトル: 機械仕掛けのデウス~異世界から来た魔王~
Brand / ブランド: 清水庵
Release / 販売日: 2018/08/18
File size / ファイル容量: 470MB


Sometimes in the 22nd century, due to the development of science and technology, the robot blended into human society without discomfort.
Looking over the town, a robot that is exactly like a human being is walking around the city quietly.
Even when you talk, you can not easily distinguish between a person and a robot.
Not so much, in this era AI had acquired high intelligence ….

Well, it is such a world, but in recent years robots called sexualoids were in fashion.
This is a robot dedicated to sexual activity, Kimonomi who got bored with acts with human beings day and night,
I was doing a maniac night life with this robot …
However, Makina who belongs to the army that ensures that both mind and body are clean,
Because it is innocent and innocent character, I had a lot of discomfort in this trend …

Contrary to such Makina’s thoughts, the people of the world who enjoy the benefits of science fully and get drunk by a society that has become convenient.
However, a major incident occurred, waking up people who were peacefully peaceful.
Suddenly from the other world, the Devil ‘s army moved to this world together with Satan’ s castle.
The Devils will start attacking people to rule this world as well.
In order to eradicate humans, the male is killed and the warrior is the nematode march.

Naturally, the government can not overlook this situation and requests the military to dispatch.
And the fire spreads steadily and eventually developed to the large war of demons and humans ….
Meanwhile, the special forces of the military will decide to put an end to this dispute, and carry out certain strategies.
It is a thing that the crew member sneaks into the Demon King castle where security is thrown into the battlefield considerably and destroys it secretly.
Makina who took out the top score while being a woman by simulated training was selected for the strategy.
She was entrusted with a bigger acter, feeling pressure, infiltrated the Devil’s castle, and started a strategy …

▼ Character

· Makina (hero)
In school days it was a perfect superman who was known for his name in both Bunmyo and Miyuki.
I am preoccupied with disgusting things, and it is enough to see insects spitting just by seeing such things.
I realize that it is tits, and my own chest size often feels disgusting about misleading men.
I have a strong sense of justice and entered the army from a pure mind that I want to save people.
After entering the army, he was licked from a man because he was a woman, but he kept silencing his noisy colleagues with his certain ability.
Now boasts the number one ability in the army.
It is said that he is adored not only by heterosexuals but also from the same sex in that strong figure ….
Actually hidden every day, I am doing something. It is far from her image of surroundings,
Whether she is innocent or innocent, it is actually the act of that act ….

▼ H Situation

· Castlevania
· Vibe
· Temptation etch
Breast milk
· Gangbangs
· Human body (machine) parts missing
· Tentacle
·Machine fucking
· Ryona






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