[ChimeraZak] My Forest Home [v1.6]

Release Date: 2020-02-11
Developer: ChimeraZak PatreonWebsite
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLsite

A sudden earthquake destroyed Azumi’s house. But living in a forest is very dangerous. She need to build a new house before the monsters’ raid.
You play as a girl who needs to quickly rebuild her house in the forest. Gather resources, fight monsters, build a house, sell resources for money, and buy “special” goods.​

The game also has an excitation system on which some scenes depend. Estimated time to complete the game is 45 minutes.

Keyboard or gamepad controls.
Z – Attack.
X – Jump.
I – Open inventory.
C – Masturbate.

If the game seems complicated, you can lower the difficulty level in the settings.

– New items and resources (to get all the items in the current build, press T).
– Active slots (for items that have different properties. Press C to use item in slot, D to change between slots.).
– Ability to fuck NPCs (Using a strange box)
– Cave location.
– New NPC blacksmith (who so far can do nothing but be raped by goblins)
– New music for the forest.
– New details on locations
– New effects on hitting monsters.
– Fixed several bugs that rarely appeared.


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[Unity] [Syvaron] Portals of Phereon [v0.11.0.1]

Release Date: 2020-02-16
Developer: Syvaron PatreonDiscordWiki
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

There are 3 different maincharacters (female, male, futa) with a different set of abilities/ goals etc.
There will be a lot of base species
(currently 10 (Beast, Centaur, Harpy, Succubus, Mermaid, Plant,Insect, Lavagirl,Lizard and a Light Creature))
and ALL possible combinations as hybrids as your characterpool to recruit from/ breed.
(+ some special hybrids with more than 2 bases)
Npcs will mostly be variants of those species or completely unique ones.

Go through randomly generated Portals, discovering/ recruiting new Species, finding interesting items/ events etc. and bring your rewards back home.
Some portals may need flying characters etc. to access.
The overworld map is also tile based.

Turn based on a tile map with permadeath. Characters have a lot of unique abilities, passives based on species. First all your characters act then all enemy characters. To make permadeath/injuries in this system not too frustrating, ranged abilities are very limited so enemies couldnt just focus all their attacks on one of your characters, instantly killing it. Instead characters are able to seduce others from far away, increasing their lust. While their lust is above 50% they get a lot worse (take double dmg, deal half etc.), so “ranged” characters still have a big influence on the game while not feeling too unfair. At 100% lust characters cant do anything except masturbate/fuck, effectively stunning them for a round.
mana and hp never regen naturally and the gametime passes during combat, making every single battle important, forcing you to think about how you want to prioritize your ressources (hp, mana, time, characters, etc.). (I always hate completely meaningless filler battles in games).

Breed your characters’ traits/stats to create a team specially tailored to your playstyle and/or portal environments or to prepare for certain fights/fullfill requests etc.

fight in arenas
train your characters/your sexSkills and put them to use in the brothel
build upgrades etc.
do quests/ interact with npcs

They will mostly be Image slideshows with descriptions etc. (maybe sometimes animated)
There will be a lot of random events that occur based on your party/ biome/ rng etc.
Npcs will have more complex scenes where you have a lot of choices.
I try to have everything porn related to also have gameplay consequences, so seeing sexScenes etc. is not the reward in itself, otherwise it would feel weird to be punished for it gameplay-wise.


  • – unstable trait didn’t work correctly
  • – quests sometimes didn’t check for species
  • – gender for fusion was random
  • – unique cowgirl event could trigger multiple times
  • – stable trait added its effect for each evolution
  • – some rockspirits didn’t have the spirit trait (couldn’t evolve etc.)
  • – earthquake didn’t work (only characters with access to it were probably not accessible anyway)
  • – intro events were only triggered on first day (now first 3 days)
  • – random location events lasting multiple days could stack, causing a softlock after ending it.
  • – slime-poison cost more than shown. also increased it’s radius by 1
  • – some ai problems (mostly bulb skills)
  • – tavern points starting trait was useless. now lets you start at higher tavern rank
  • – only the first 4 traits showed in fusion window
  • – Lumira didn’t have the aquatic trait
  • – some quests skillrequirements didn’t fit with required gender
  • – some evolution paths had wrong skills/tooltips
  • – special trader events could overlap (same trader multiple times)
  • – genetic gender of starters didn’t align with actual gender
  • – ai turns shouldn’t take the same time if they don’t do anything
  • – fleeing into another encounter was bugged
  • – naturally spawning relays didn’t do anything.
  • – home portal was listed twice in teleport menu.
  • – only basestats were checked for tavern jobs (ignoring traits like strong etc.).




  • new spirit (5 species)
  • 1 new special hybrid
  • 2 new creatures
  • 2 unique characters

Difficulty settings:

  • default save type set to town-only and adjusted modifiers
  • dating mechanic now optional as difficulty modifier


  • Map for quick overview of the town
  • quickacces to locations/certain things
  • useful tooltips/infos for locations in one place
  • highlighted places that require attention (eggs hatchable, special portals etc.)
  • new location with some special items


  • removed tavernpoints
  • quests are ranked
  • you now also have a quest ranking, that affects difficulty/rewards of quests
  • higher rank also allows you to hire stronger characters for money
  • more varied quests/rewards
  • can accept/keep track of a few quests. (can’t remove quests or reputation loss?)
  • new journal tab for quests


  • more control over fusion results at cost of crystals
  • You can select half of each characters traits (+1)
  • By default all other things will be the average
  • Can select genes to 100% take the gene from this character instead
  • More selections = higher crystal cost. (free up to a point)


  • ranks increase stats. Each rank increase is the same as a levelup without sizemodifier.
  • keep equipment. Ranked battles are a bit harder (maybe option to unequip for bonus money)


  • Can change character location (party/farm…) from management screen
  • Can sort characters ascending/descending if you click again
  • Can sort while selecting characters. Descriptions change a bit to show relevant info based on sorting type
  • In charactermanager, you can lock selection to current group easier
  • Can mark/favourite characters to sort/identify them
  • modfied stats only show in tooltip if they are different
  • journal color changed to make reused text more readable (as most other text backgrounds are dark)


  • some new events, traits, skills, items etc.

Noteworthy bugfixes:

  • evolving characters didn’t update their statgrowth, making all seedlings/spirits kinda useless
  • evo unequipped items after transforming in chimera form
  • chimera form didn’t update some stats + percentages were ignored
  • couldn’t re-hire town npcs after recalling home
  • size of captured spirits was set to medium after reshaping
  • strong healing pots didn’t work when used from inventory
  • aquatic trait was often missing


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[Peter Mitsuru] Dick Me Up Inside Ch. 1-16

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Peter Mitsuru] Dick Me Up Inside Ch. 1-16 [English].html

Pages: 145 Size: 65 mb
Upstore.net Uploaded.net Depositfiles.com Mirror.to Zippyshare
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[Sharuru Hunter] Disgraced Swordswoman Battle [Final]

Release Date: 2020-02-20
Developer: Sharuru Hunter DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
Store: DLsite

In the Emerald kingdom where humans live, the war with the Glome Empire where monsters live has been raging for 3 years
As the fires of war become fiercer, the Glome Empire starts to retreat and is faced with impending defeat, so they try to negotiate a ceasefire.
Negotiations for the ceasefire are carried out by both countries.

Negotiations continue with the advantageous conditions being for the stronger Emerald Kingdom, and the Glome Empire seems to be on its last legs.

At that time, the Emerald Kingdom receives a sudden attack by the Glome Empire, and the King is slain.
The Emerald Kingdom whose guard was down due to needing to negotiate the ceasefire could not fight back in time and the Princess was kidnapped.

The real purpose of the enemy was to kidnap the princess.

–Magical lethal weapon–

This is the secret magical weapon communicated to the kingdom.
It is the ultimate weapon that is said to be able to destroy the world in an instant.

The princess knew the magic to be able to start that weapon up.
The princess faced unimaginable torture, rape, and abuse.

In that situation, the strongest warrior in the kingdom, “Ruby Franthorp” went to rescue the princess.
Female warrior! Rescue the princess before she is forced to talk due to the torture.

(Action window with an erotic focus)
This is a 2D action game, and is an erotic-focused interface.

In the bottom-left window, the state of the female warrior is constantly displayed in animation.
Of course, if the armor breaks, that state will be reflected.

In the top left window, detailed animation is displayed when the female warrior is attacked by the enemy.
The female warrior may also be attacked in the action window.

Defeat the enemy while checking the three meters and clear the stages.
It is possible to use a variety of items during the battle.

(Erotic scenes)
If you are attacked by the enemy, the armor will break, and if you go down in that state, you will be attacked again by the enemy.
The erotic scenes during the action when you are attacked by the enemy at that place are shown in the top-left window.
These are detailed erotic scenes.

Further, if you move through the stages, there will be pitiful abuse scenes where the princess is captured.
A huge root assaults the princess.
Will the princess be forced to speak due to the abuse?

If the female warrior is defeated, a major erotic scene shall be displayed as an event scene.
The erotic scene is an animation.

There are voice actors, so enjoy their groans, wails, and screams.

Milky Bitroyan
Age 21. Younger sister of the princess of the Emerald kingdom.

Ruby Franthorp
Age 20. Warrior.

White Bitroyan
Age 24. Princess of the Emerald kingdom.


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[RPGM] [Circle * Fairy Flower] Princess Knight Claris [v1.0]

Release Date: 2019-07-27
Developer: Circle * Fairy Flower – DLsite
Translator: Lithras F95zone
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)

Claris the princess knight is the most powerful swordswoman and sorceress in the land.
Her hobbies are killing bandits, and spends a lot of time killing harmless bandits.
One day, she gets possessed by a bandit who she had killed!
Now you can decide the fate of the princess knight Claris!​

Possess the ultimate princess knight Claris’s body and do whatever you want!
Force her into having sex through H events, control her using hypnosis, get her addicted to drugs, and even lower her levels to lead her into more H events!

Includes a variety of lewd routes as well as “lewd levels” that can change some H events from her being unwilling to her wanting sex!

[Change Outfits]
Over 10 outfits in total! Includes armor, maid, student, bunny girl, underwear, bikini armor, and more!

[H Scenes]
Over 100 H scenes total! H scenes change depending on lewd levels, control, and outfits!
Lots of defeat H with monsters and bandits, as well as preg-belly H scenes!

[Various Endings]
You can control Claris to turn her into a slutty princess knight, or complete the game as a pure virgin princess knight!
You can even sell out your home country in exchange for sex, let her get sold off as a slave after being used by bandits, and more!

[Even Beginners can Enjoy]
Claris starts the game at maximum strength levels.
You can complete the game without leveling up, and can easily complete the game as a virgin for bonus content as well!


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[RPGM] [MAZE] Cucking & Cucked: Foursome Adventure [Final]

Release Date: 2018-10-12
Developer: MAZE – DLsite
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Machine Translated)

On a national mission, Colon and Asuka in mutual love sets off for an unknown island
in search of the Gem of Prosperity. Accompanied by a couple of Ros and Marry who
they met in the middle of the way, they start exploring the island.

However, there are only two men and two women on the island.
Wrong things are waiting to happen although each one has a partner…​


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[RPGM] [yoshii tech] LewdCrest Hero: The Townspeople and Monsters are Always Trying To FUCK Me! [v1.0]

Release Date: 2020-01-04
Developer: yoshii tech DLsite
Translator: Daedroth F95zoneULMF
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

Under a curse, the busty hero has a Lewd Crest engraved over her womb.
And in the face of her salacious display, the townspeople and monsters simply cannot hold themselves back!!
In this RPG they will attempt at every turn to take advantage of her… (displayed with smooooth animation!!)​


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Yankator] My New Life as a Stewardess [v1.0]

Release Date: 2020-02-18
Developer: Yankator
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, French

Anne starts a new life as a Stewardess and what will happen?
Fan base story starting at the end of the Chapter 10 of “The Adventurous Couple”.​


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[keso] Hikoushiki Heroine Zukan | Informal Heroine Gangbang Ch.1-2

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[keso] Hikoushiki Heroine Zukan Informal Heroine Gangbang Ch.1-2 [English] {Doujins.com} [Digital].html

Pages: 47 Size: 38 mb
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[Kirintei (Kirin Kakeru)] Tanetsuke Oji-san no JC Sennou Appli | An Old Guy’s Schoolgirl Hypno App

https://hentaifromhell.org/gallery3/[Kirintei (Kirin Kakeru)] Tanetsuke Oji-san no JC Sennou Appli [English].html

Pages: 41 Size: 26 mb
Upstore.net Uploaded.net Depositfiles.com Mirror.to Zippyshare
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