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[Ren’Py] [Omar Company] Milfrim: The Elder Fuck 69 [v0.999]

Release Date: 2024-05-22
Developer: Omar Company PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.999
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

this is a world in which you will make every inhabitant, from your obnoxious sister, to the insidious and inaccessible vampire, adore you, and share your skills with you.
Do you think your mother is only capable of shaking her form in front of you? It’s not! She is an experienced woman, and she has a lot to teach you! And when it’s accompanied by passions and various fetishes, the learning will be more interesting, right?
Become a dream for over a dozen maidens of different races, shapes, and even bloodlines. Protect them, go on various adventures, and develop your trading shop.
And most importantly, become part of our society, and forget about the stresses! After all, in the world of Milfrim you will always have fun and relaxation.
last version 0.4264

– added a new backdrop “House”
– added new backdrop “Hall”
– changed closet icon
– changed the icon of the exit from the location
– changed the icon of sleeping at home
– added Kyle’s chibik in his room
– added chibik Kayla sleeping in her room
– added Suzanne’s chibi hanging laundry
– added Suzanne’s chibi washing dishes
– added Suzanne’s chibi mops the floors.
– added quest for collecting things
– added eavesdropping quest
– added NSFW scene with Kayla in her room
– added NSFW scene with Suzanne during cleaning
– Fixed a bug when installing on Mac
– completely improved and reworked “Home” code for your convenience
– new game cover
– completely changed and improved prologue with 54 frames animation
– added animated carriage ride at the beginning of the game
and so many jokes that it’s impossible to count.


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[Zoctongo] Zoctongo:LustGuns2 [v0.9.6]

Release Date: 2024-05-22
Developer: Zoctongo – PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.6
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

A game about a lustful demon hunter, you just start your hunter journey, you live with a charming woman in the same house, take care of a woman, and fight demons!)​

Developer Notes:

My first 3D game with 2D images.
I’m glad that I didn’t have to switch to Unity or another 3D engine, and I stayed on making games in my usual program!
It’s cool, because it’s just physically easy to make games in it)
Just a bunch of possibilities, 3D is cool)
Image quality still needs improvement. While evaluating the accuracy of loading the CPU and GPU, although everything is simple here, the engine loads all the resources at once on the same level, so I had to come up with tricks to avoid this.
At least some kind of plot, albeit conditional. (Compared to the first part)
Yes, and immersion in the world is clearly better here.
If that the first part and the second part are not connected in any way!

– two new scenes with favorite MILF
– three new enemies
-a lot of new content (not so much, but more than usual)
– a new system of relationships with girls (those from other worlds)
– as well as a lot of edits, changes, fixes, and so on


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[Unity] [LAGS] Haileys’ Treasure Adventure [v0.7.2]

Release Date: 2024-05-21
Developer: LAGS itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

One day a man visits Hailey’s farm. He told her about her father’s debt and asks her to marry her. She refuses to marry him and tells she will returned the money. After her response the man told her that her father was a mine explorer and shares a map where he has hidden all his treasures. As those mines are cursed only people carrying his blood can enter those mines. He asked her to collect the treasure for him and gave them one month to do it.



  • Level 17 – Worm Nest


  • Shell Worm
  • Jellyfish
  • JellyHailey


  • 2P – Shellworm, Jellyfish, Jellyhailey


  • 3P – Mushroom-men


  • Jellyfish
  • JellyHailey
  • ShellWorm


  • Added animation gallery again.
  • Sugar boss fight removed for redevelopment.
  • Hailey’s gameplay zoom functionality changed.
  • Shop girl discount dialogue glitch.
  • Ceiling scorpion glitch.
  • Telepad too bright.
  • Portuguese translation by darkvodd.


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[RPGM] [VVTS, Tentacles san and art] Battle Sisters [v0.7]

Release Date: 2024-05-14
Developer: VVTS, Tentacles san and art – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows
Language: English

The world of science and magic, whose rulers in search of secrets of the universe,
opened the door to their world to those who had almost enslaved all nations.
After hundreds of years, it is time to restore civilization, whether a sister warrior.., or a powerful monster.​

● Replaced old graphics with new graphics for monster company.
● Changed global map for monster company.
● New starting location: lair (“Test”).
● Changed the logic of event interaction.
● New path maps.
● Body evolution now takes place in the lair.
● Visual display of the monster’s body in the lair followed by its evolution.
● Two new events (in development)
● Initial mechanics of global events on the global map.
● Fixed bugs related to incorrect display of some monster body parts.
● Changed game resolution.
● Diagonal movement.
● Many edits.


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[Kawahagitei] Wicke no Pokémon Hogo Katsudou! ~Cosmog Tairyou Hassei!?~ (Pokémon Sun and Moon)


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[RPGM] [Darthz] Whispers of the Dark Elf [Chapter 1 – 1.2 Patreon]

Release Date: 2024-05-20
Developer: Darthz – PatreonPixiv
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 1 – 1.2 Patreon
OS: Windows
Language: English

This story passes 30 years before the chapter 2:

In the peaceful Elf village, Aldos, the main character, bravely fought against the evil dark elf mage, Darius, to keep the land safe. But, after winning, Aldos found out a surprising thing – Darius’s daughter, Kora, really wanted revenge against him and his kin.

The king told Aldos to get rid of everyone related to Darius. Even though Aldos is a good person, he couldn’t hurt the young girl Kora. So, he chose to be kind and let her live. But, this decision started a chain of events that made Aldos unhappy.


Later, Aldos went back to his village and lived a peaceful life with his wife, Sephira, and their two kids, Lire and Ryuuji. However, the past came back when Glavius, the only one who survived the fight with Darius, showed up after ten years. He told Aldos that Darius, the evil mage Aldos thought was gone, was about to come back. Aldos and Glavius had to stop this disaster.

But, Aldos didn’t know that something bad was happening in secret. Glavius, who was once Aldos’s friend, forced Sephira to do bad things. He threatened to tell the king that Aldos spared Darius’s daughter. Glavius made Sephira do naughty things against her good nature, and her goodness slowly got ruined on this journey.

Developer Notes:

Hey, I’m Darthz, a NSFW artist working on an RPG Maker game called “Whispers of the Dark Elf.” Right now, I’ve got a trial version of Chapter 1 ready for you. It’s a sneak peek into the story, happening 30 years before Chapter 2.

In this trial, you’ll find four H-Scenes and a brief intro to the plot( I made an diferent version with an extra scene on my patreon for my subscribers if you guys like my work and want to support me feel free to join ). I’ll be updating and fixing things on the trial version, like adding new stuff and correcting bugs or text issues.

I am committed to creating animated art for all the game scenes(I will try my best to achieve that)

I welcome your valuable feedback and bug reports. Please feel free to share them in the comments.

If you guys are interesting on my art and my game idea, here is my pixiv and patreon link(there have some pictures and animations from the game and some fanarts:

Darthz – pixiv

Darthz Underground-Patreon

Chapter 1 Trial Version 1.2
Release of a new version of “Whispers of the Dark Elf,” packed with fresh content. This update includes the end of the 1 arc, new scenes, numerous backgrounds, quality-of-life improvements, and addition of new sprites including the male ones, I hope you all enjoy the enhancements


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[dollscapes] Project Dollscapes [v0.2.2]

Release Date: 2024-05-21
Developer: Dollscapes – PatreonDiscordTwitteritch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

Dollscapes project featuring creatures from fantasy and cyberpunk worlds.
The development process will focus on creating a lifelike experience, where characters feel alive, express emotions, remember all player actions, and react to the smallest events.
VR is NOT required to play this game.​


1. Download and run.
2. Click Install to get the latest updates.
3. Click Play as guest or link your Patreon account to receive benefits in the game.
4. Click VR mode If you have VR.

– Fitting room and initial outfits
– VR mirror in the fitting room
– Reworked Lovense integration
– Reworked ButtPlug integration
– Fixed a bug that pushes the player in VR
– Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze when exiting


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[Ren’Py] [ArcGames] Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.21.5]

Release Date: 2024-05-20
Developer: ArcGames PatreonSubscribeStarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​


  • NEW CHARACTER: Continue with the Kana lead you got from Lyx!
  • KANA: Can continue her Lead!
  • LUCILLE: Lucille finally has a room of her own once again! In the East Hallway – Human Floor!
  • LUCILLE: New naughty event with Lucille! Talk to her in her room!
  • DREAMS: Five new dreams will appear once you’ve tried to access the Nexus in Act Three and spoken to Lyx about it. They may reveal a little more about a certain character’s origin, and perhaps a way to eventually reopen the Nexus…
  • Misc: Slight rework to the Act One finale to include kinetic text and tidy up the code a little.
  • Misc: Fixed some instances of paperdolls overlaying on top of text.
  • Misc: Shifted a dialogue line in the park concert scene so it makes a little more sense.
  • Misc: Work continues on making “virgin runs” possible. I’m about 20% through remaking the Act One finale renders and they’ll all be released at once in a futuer update – coming soon!
  • Bug: The figured pulls himself from the pool of light, armor gleaming in the flickering luminescence. Picking up his sword, he turns to Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives. “Hi,” he says, “I’m the Typo Hero…”.


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[Yuufaux Studios] Harvest Girls Garden Assault [Demo v0.10]

Release Date: 2024-05-02
Developer: Yuufaux Studios Itch.ioPatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: Demo – 0.10
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English

Harvest Girls is a unique management defense game where you control a “farmer” girl that plants mysterious sexy human-looking plants.
In this game, you’re the farmer girl and your goal is to plant as much girls as you can.
Plants costs money to plant. You can earn money through harvesting the plants once they matured.
Be careful, though!
Horny powerful insects will occasionally attack your garden during the day, and even more so during the night!
Luckily, you’re no ordinary farmer girl, since you’re well equipped to deal with those horny insect monsters!
How long will you be able to defend your little garden?​

Developer Notes:

Harvest Girls is a unique defense game where you must plant girls in order to earn more money which you can use to plant more girls.
Press ASWD to control the Farmer Girl and the Right mouse button to Attack.
Click the buttons on the UI to perform other actions, such as planting new girls, removing plants, harvesting, upgrading and other actions.FEATURES

  • Unique gameplay
  • Animated lewd scenes
  • Day and night cycle
  • Detailed illustrations
  • Different sexy plants
  • Variety of enemy types


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