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[VN] [VALKYRIA] Zettai Meirei Isekai Soushin Party! [v1.00]

Release Date: 2022-02-25
Original Title: 絶対命令 異世界操心パーティ!
Developer: Valkyria DLsiteCi-en
Translator: Hokori-1
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Language: English (Chatgpt 3.5 turbo)
Voices: Japanese
Length: 2-10 hour
VNDB: Link

Our protagonist get’s summoned to another world with the girl that bullied her a lot in her original world
here he came to know that it was a hero summoning ritual and he thought he was gonna be the hero who will save this world
but in reality the girl who used to bully her became the destined hero and the goddess told him that he just got caught in the ritual,
unable to go back to his original world protagonist decided to follow the girl who used to bully her but his worth here is still no more than
a slave, than he got a power that can give justice to him ,
what will he do will he use the power to take revenge from the girl how bullied him along with the goddess or will he save the world.​

Translator Notes:

1.The game is translated with chatgpt 3.5 turbo.
2.You’ll get a Ntleaswin.exe in the patch , you’ll have to drag the game exe file on it than you’ll het a window select Arial unicode MS in font, Otherwise you’ll get some errors.
3.The game dialogue window only allows 260 characters at a time so that is why selecting Arial unicode MS will reduce the font size that will help to prevent text breaking and errors.
4.The Ui is translated too.
5.Also rate the thread to share your thoughts.
Patches: [ENG] Patch


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[RPGM] [Doujin Circle Gyu] Blue Mage Luna [v1.6]

Release Date: 2024-01-17
Developer: Doujin Circle Gyu Cien
Translator: DazedAnon – PatreonDiscordGumroad
Censored: Mosaic
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows
Language: English (GPT-4)
Voice: Japanese
Store: DLsite


A tale of the faraway skies of a foreign land…

Far above the ground… lies the beautiful floating continent “Magical Kingdom of Jupiterino,” ruled by Princess Lucia, who is praised as a “direct descendant magician,” in place of the king.

The power of a direct descendant magician is distinct from that of ordinary magicians.

If ordinary magicians are ants, then direct descendant magicians can be compared to queen ants—
their innate magical power is as different from that of general magicians as the heavens are from the earth.

Princess Lucia, said to be one in several billion and endowed with divine magical power, undergoes a drastic change in personality and begins to rule with an iron fist, massacring rebels one after another.

Amidst this, “Genius Magician Luna,” one of the greatest magicians of the Jupiterino continent, is finally persuaded by her comrades to take up arms against “Direct Descendant Magician Lucia.”

To defeat Princess Lucia and her allied nations, Luna and her friends
become the resistance and decide to fight against the royal capital.

The PATCH will contain the latest updates and fixes to the game. Install It.

To Download and apply the Github Patch.
1. Extract files from patch to game folder. Replace All.


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[HTML] [HopeDev] Hope and the Last Star [v0.3]

Release Date: 2024-02-27
Developer: HopeDev
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Store: Itch.io

The stars are gone, all but one of them gone supernova, became black holes or mysteriously disappeared. Most of the humanity died, and as a result, galactic civilization collapsed.
Luckily for what’s left of humanity, someone predicted the cataclysm, and made you.
You’re an android in human form (the form of your creator, to be precise), in charge of a giant spaceship. Your task is to get to that last remaining star, and on your way there, rescue all the humans you can.
Manage your sprawling new society, collect resources, and try to maintain your ship moving. It won’t be easy, you’re a lone woman in the darkness of space, but you have to try.​


  • Typos
    • A bunch of them
  • Bugfixes
    • Some stat changes not registering correctly
    • A couple of big bugs in the Hades (I’ll go as far as to recommend that you play it again if you already did, maybe try a different route this time, and don’t forget to bring a weapon if you can)
    • A lot of small stuff here and there
  • A new jump in space with a new mission (medium to long length)
    • The new mission bring a new group to the ship with its own events
    • It also brings a new romanceable character, Iris. With three new events (Number may vary depending on what you do in the mission)
  • We also have a new and more accessible way to unlock the shaving
  • And a couple new items of clothing (One of them being a variation of the bodysuits)
  • A new facility to find and build (Talk to the new residents)


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[Kawaiso is Nukeru] Embarrassed Shina-chan -the Naked Wandering College Girl- [v1.1.0]

Release Date: 2023-04-07
Developer: Kawaiso is Nukeru DLsiteCi-en
Censorship: No
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows
Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Voice: Japanese
Store: DLsiteSteam

When she wakes up in the morning, she finds her lying completely NAKED in the middle of the city… The day after a welcome party, 18-year-old new first-year university student Hazuka, Shina wakes up completely naked on the street. If she is found in public, she will be exposed… If found out of the public eye, she becomes a comfort… The 3D NAKED stealth action game has begun: ……​

1.1.0 (2023/4/12)
The “Collection” room has been added. The “Collection” room can be entered from the menu screen.
The “Load” of saved data can now be performed from the menu screen.
The ‘Config’ setting item has been added.
– Camera up/down: The camera operation can now be set to reverse up/down.
– Camera left/right: The camera operation can now be set to reverse left/right.
– Automatic dash – Dash can now be set to always.
The arrest event can now be skipped.
Fixed a problem where the previous dialogue voice continues to be played after the next dialogue is displayed. (18 voices)
The number, speed and frequency of movement of police officers on the main street map has been reduced.
Fixed a discrepancy between the image displayed by the item ‘Leaked Photo’ and the actual landscape of the University map.
Fixed an omission in the translation of the description of the options when the Game Over. (Simplified Chinese)
Fixed a bug where the player could fall off a sharp cliff if player entered at an angle to it.
Fixed a bug where the camera rotation speed would slow down while dashing.


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[RPGM] [Dekarous] Sunny Coast College [v2.01]

Release Date: 2020-05-23
Developer: Dekarous Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.01
OS: Windows
Language: English

The story takes place on the Sunny Coast College grounds and you are tasked to find a partner for the upcoming Valentine’s Ball, protect your brother from his cruel bullies and manage to survive the machinations of the sadistic girls you meet along the way.

The game is a classic non-combat RPG with multiple choices and branching storylines. I put a lot of emphasis on replayability and choices that matter, at times you’ll have to replay a scenario more than 6 times to see all the possible outcomes. The game has no traditional combat at all, but you can die or get hurt depending on the choices you make. This is not a visual novel. It’s an open world RPG that puts a lot of emphasis on text based choices and actions.

– Fixed deadend quest path after you choose Gwen for the Ball and refuse to kick Ariah, you can now sleep and advance to Day 5, assuming you have talked to Gwen and either agreed to Ariah’s plot or helped Nicole bully a boy in the eatery. The Nicole/Gwen toilet ending is now obtainable.
– Made it impossible to leave with Ariah after introducing her to Ivy. It resulted in a deadend.
– Added messages to inform you that you need to accept Ariah’s plot/agree with everything Nicole says in the day after the Ball to continue on with the story
– Made Gwen 10% cuter
– The above fix is a lie, Gwen can’t get any cuter than she already is

– Added Day 7


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[RPGM] [DS – Corruption Novels] Kibō: Slow Fall [v0.1.5]

Release Date: 2024-02-24
Developer: DS – Corruption Novels PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.5
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

The Kibō project will hopefully be a serie of several arcs. It’s an RPG with NSFW content made with RPG Maker MV. In this serie, you will incarn a young married male (for now) in a modern city full of deviant corruption. Will he resist? Will his wife let him down? Will they both fall? I guess you have an idea what’s coming down with the title.

For this first arc, Slow Fall, I will take our hero down a mental challenging road. By how much? I will break is mind. I am mainly focused on 3 characters surrounding our hero right now. Will they help him or not? Depend what is your definition of help…

This is just the beginning of his journey, Right now the story mainly focus around our hero but I’m already trying to open a second point of view so that the content is more immersive. I wish to quickly add secondary events as the corruption grows in the city… Developping NPCs events at various locations or times would be a good add I think.

Developer Notes:

This is not a love story. It’s a corruption one. Cheating, peeping, submitting and NTR will be the axes of this game. You can count on some other fetishes to take place in the city but please note that NTR is the main one. I planned to open two main roads: one where the wife of our hero knows he is peeping, and one where she doesn’t. I may reconsider this choice as development goes by.I hope you will enjoy the fall… Thank you for reading and prepare your mind!As this is my first release, I worked on a way to balance free version and the support I can get from you guys… So, for any subscription to my Patreon(and I mean ANY TIER for the launch only), you will immediately unlock V0.1.0!Obviously, there are no huge gameplay impact between those two, but I made sure to add the longest scene I’ve done so far in it and introduce properly the last of the 3 main girls we will follow for this journey!Anyway, that’s all for me now. I wish you enjoy the content. And if you liked it, consider subscribing to help me on this project!


  • ~400 new renders
  • 12 NSFW new animations including:
  • 7 NSFW Wife animations
  • 4 NSFW Emilie animations
  • 1 NSFW Anna animation
  • Even more events
  • A lot of new maps
  • ~45min gameplay


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[RPGM] [aura-dev] Star Knightess Aura [0.40.0]

Release Date: 2024-02-23
Developer: aura-dev – Patreon Itch.ioDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.40.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down.

But her enemies don’t just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King’s curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?

Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with nsfw erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.​


  • Added Maid Training 4 H-CGs
  • Added Gyaru Laura Character Artwork
  • Added lewd scene Hallway Bullying 6
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 3
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 4
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 1
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 2
  • Added scene Hallway Bullying 7
  • Added scene Sexual Harrassment 3
  • Added map Maid Academy Upper Floor
  • Added map Richard Domain 2 – Wrath
  • Added boss battle Demon General Asmodeus
  • Added boss Sathanas reencounter
  • Implemented sneak mini puzzle Maid Academy North Wing
  • Implemented Maid Academy Graduation
  • Improved Magic Academy teachers to only enable options the player can select
  • Added minor text extensions to Paulina Training 3 and 4
  • Implemented generic logic to handle updating active enhance or stance skills when learning the next rank
  • Changed stance and enhance skills activate from the list like autospells without requiring actor selection
  • Handle case of killing Sathanas before meeting him at Draknor Fortress
  • Implemented gaining more Magic Thread after initial graduation
  • Updated Paulina location after Paulina submission
  • Updated Hermann wedding based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Reverse Summoning Ritual based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Paulina Adventurer Guild world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Albrecht Speech world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hermann Marriage world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Reverse Summoning Ritual world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hunting a Demon King world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Handled case of ending patronage when Paulina returned to being Paul
  • Added obstacle in Maid Academy to enter Upper Floor from Hidden Room
  • Turned Library 1 Schrödinger’s Cat punishment joke into bullying foreshadowing
  • Added special clear state for recollection room crystals indicating that they have been done in the current playthrough
  • Removed page up and page down buttons in save menu when using a mobile device
  • Increased max killed bosses to 112


  • Added perk to destroy minor obstacles with Rampage II to at >= 60 ATK
  • Reduced obstacle level for greed chests to 25
  • Added Infamy to Paulina corruption decisions
  • Added HP cost to Break Bondage skill and make Libidas give MDEF, DEF buffs as well as HP regen
  • Gave Lilim+ Tenacity I and have Overpollination give Resistance to Light like Obscurum
  • Reduced Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +4 and Blessed Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +6
  • Added +2 ATK to Draconic Scales
  • Increased HEAL RATE reduction from POISON from 50% to 75%
  • Limited Workshop cost increase on Hard+ to Enhancements
  • Reduced MATK boost from CONCENTRATION to 75%


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed variant drugs not being usable in John Rising
  • Fixed status scene causing a stack overflow with multiple party members
  • Fixed z-ordering issues from * tile and event character interactions
  • Fixed save menu showing variable IDs instead of values for stats
  • Fixed game crash when ExtraWindows plugin is turned off
  • Fixed Passion getting Exhausted instead of Animated Robe in troop 447
  • Fixed skill text in compendium being able to overlap traits
  • Fixed John Rising incense lure not removing drugs
  • Fixed viewed scene script lines being in the wrong part of their events
  • Fixed battle crash when pressing left on skill list
  • Fixed blue crystal appearing instead of white under some circumstances in recollection rooms
  • Fixed Lewd Streaming 3 having incorrect variable assignments in recollection room
  • Fixed Roland forced quests not leading to lewd scene afterwards
  • Fixed infinite lewd scene loop in some circumstances
  • Fixed Paulina still being interactable in adventurer guild when invisible
  • Fixed duplicate Letter of Recommendation if killing Asmodeus after graduating maid academy
  • Fixed missing speaker portraits in intro
  • Fixed Jelly Jam not restocking at Verdeaux merchant
  • Fixed detection check in Trademond Congregation
  • Fixed Aura portrait remaining after Nothing But The Truth evidence check
  • Fixed Bondage Fibers remaining after Asmodeus fight
  • Fixed remaining minor missing Paulina dialogue variations in Reverse Summoning Ritual






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[RPGM] [OneCoin] Ninja Infiltration [Final]

Release Date: 2024-02-17
Developer: OneCoin DLsiteCi-enDiscord
Publisher: Saikey Studios PatreonSteam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: Steam

Ayame the female ninja has just gotten married to Yoshimitsu. Her newest mission is to infiltrate the shogun’s army… But what happens when the soldiers start harassing her? If she shows her true skills the mission will be compromised! How far will she go to protect her secret identity…?

Developer Notes:

Ayame is a ninja of the Oboro-style, a clan of deadly assassins trained to move as swift as lightning in their mission to deliver judgment to those who deserve it. Her newest assignment is as dangerous as it is important to the newly married ninja: If she succeeds, she can resign honorably and live together with her husband.
The target for her last mission is Amakusa Castle, home of a powerful general rumored to be involved in slave trade. Tasked to uncover the truth, Ayame acts as a mercenary for hire to gain Lord Amakusa’s trust. Forced to follow his crude orders to remain undercover, her mission quickly turns into a test of willpower. Will Ayame be able to keep her senses and return to her husband after the mission is over, or will she succumb under the general’s advances becoming his next concubine?[Gameplay]
Experience Ayame’s story across three chapters in the style of a visual novel, with turn-based battle sequences deciding the outcome of her mission. Every combat is a test of Ayame’s willpower, requiring her to resist or allow her opponent’s sexual techniques.[Character]

– Skippable prologue
– Turn-based combat with sex-battle techniques
– Multiple endings
– Reminiscence room


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[Ren’Py] [Lustion] D’Legacy [v0.3.5.0]

Release Date: 2024-02-02
Developer: Lustion Patreon
Censored: Partial (for JAV scenes)
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android(Beta)
Language: English

This game tells the story of a man (You / Main Character) who has just graduated after studying in Miami. However, you’re forced to return to your hometown Tokyo due to the recent passing of your father. All you have inherited is a rundown boarding house and a significant amount of debt. Can you survive in this Tokyo life, achieving your dreams, reaching the top of your career, finding love and having many sexual partners?​

D’Legacy v0.3.5.0 (2024-02-02) :

  • Added android version (Beta).
  • Added Yuu’s stories.
  • Added a total of 4 story events (2 sex scenes & 2 filler scenes).
  • Added get new item features.
  • Added new UI for choices.
  • Added a blinking effect for Yuu’s sprites.
  • Added a new BGM & SFX.
  • Added a total of 43 videos.
  • Added dialogues with a total count of 4,825 in the game.
  • Added words with a total count of 43,032 in the game.
  • Added characters with a total count of 238,162 in the game.
  • Added a new pre-location “Gym” (Beta).
  • Enhanced sprite image for Yuu Shinoda.
  • Improved and added some videos for some Akari repeatable scenes.


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[VN] [Lune] Kyonyuu Elf Oyako Saimin [Final]

Release Date: 2018-12-21
Original Title: 巨乳エルフ母娘催眠 「はい……人間様のオチ○ポを母娘でしゃぶらせていただきます……」
Developer: Lune DLsiteWebsiteTwitter
Translator: Hokori-1 – Patreon
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan Translation)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Medium (20-50 hours)
VNDB: Link
Store: DLsite

The Kingdom of Agrariel is a land of elves surrounded by forests.
A nation ruled by female High Elves for generations, including the current Queen Ephildis.
It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s one of the centers of the world, with its outstanding power and influence on the surrounding areas.

Behind the prosperity of the elves, there was a strictly controlled law of breeding.
The elves are known for their longevity, but they are not free to procreate as they please.
They would go to a place called the Shrine of Life when their bodies were mature enough to bear children.
At this time, a ritual is performed under the supervision of the High Elves to give them new life while the gods descend.

The ritual is so sacred that only a few High Elves know of its reality.
The mating rituals of other races are for beasts, not for elves.
It is considered extremely dirty and forbidden to touch each other without permission or to seek pleasure.
For this reason, many elves are unaware of their true nature. ……

Translator Notes:

1.Greetings, This game needs Japanese locale to run , so either use locale emulator or change you system locale to Japan.
2.This time i tried to learn from my mistakes in the previous game and Spended much time translating this myself so it’s not your generic MLT, Yep if you have read above you must
have seen a FAN-Translation tag after English in Language. That’s totally correct this time I myself spent 3 months to translate this good shit.
3.The dialogues alongside with cg and menus is translated as well , It means you won’t have to go to the trouble to look for google translate to check what’s written on menu.
4.I have provided the patch below. One is dialogue patch just unzip it in your game folder and you’ll get you dialogues in English.
5.Warning the game itself is provided without patch applied you have you apply patch , second link written as menu and cg in the patches section have two file one starting
with [Eng] translates menu’s and other options , and the one named as [JP] is original file for menu’s and options coz you’ll have to overwrite your in game
Argd.pac with the [ENG] one .
6.To change the name of the MC to your desired English name you have to download Japanese IME keyboard it’s free, then select Full-width Alphanumeric and you can write you
name in english when you’ll get the prompt.
7.Also do you like Romanized names or english translated names i would like all of you to give your thoughts on this.
8.Umm, If you like my work maybe you can cosider supporting me[Nervously writing] , Also i take game request’s too for commission ,
if you’re tired of your favourite game not getting a translation PM me, You’ll get what you want even a Chatgpt translation if you want it soon, or human translation for better quality.
9.Also the editing of menu cg’s and everything is done by me.

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