(Game) [Gaweb Studio] Glassix [v0.27.1] [English]

Updated: 15/08/2018
Censorship: None
Version: 0.27.1
Developer/Publisher: Gaweb Studio Patreon / Official Wiki
Platform: Windows
Language: English, French, Russian, Polish

It’s a trainer game as well where you play as a teenager who lives with his step-mom and sister/step-sister and just moved to a new town after your father passes away. One day on your way to school, you hear your father and find these glasses that make people more influenced by your suggestions and you can use it to slowly corrupt the women around you. There are Cheats as well. The developer made it where you can increase the girls obedience/affection levels by left clicking on the stat you wish to add more too on the stat page for each girl individually.​

Bug fixes


Added girlfriend option when affection reaches 200
Added choice during night to sleep with girlfriend
Suspicion feature added
More personalized texts for the Aquatic Park date
More job H-scenes for the cheerleader training and the Aquatic Park lifeguard (threesome and foursome)
Utako’s wedding. This event completely change the way you have to handle Utako, because you have now less than 5 weeks to raise her to level 4 before she gets married. After the wedding, obedience events won’t be possible anymore: to get her, don’t forget to go at this wedding.
Utako’s emancipation: if you succeed the wedding event and you bring her to 160 Affection and Obedience, you can date her
New item: vibrator. You can give it to a girl and activate it in certain detailed circumstances to have a bonus scene. Aiko and Saiko’s scenes are ready. Probably more will be ready next month.


Added sex shop in Northside
Added hotel in airport


Added lots of missing key check for apartments and houses (Thanks Hermenegild!)
Lily’s plan event can only be triggered if she has met Rin (Thanks Avaren!)
Solved Anael casual outfit bug. She only has work outfit now. (Thanks Hermenegild!)
Solved Yatsumi missing image during bath event (Thanks LoganJ!)
Search and Wait functions can’t be used when there is an objective now to prevent current event interruption (Thanks Avaren!)
Added missing images during Naomi’s confession event (Thanks Knut Wuchtig!)
Corrected bug when buying outfits in shops and getting charged several time for the same outfit if clicked several times (Thanks Hermenegild!)
Corrected bug where player would not faint even when stamina was depleted (Thanks Hermenegild!)
Corrected salary incoherence for librarian jobs (Thanks Squark!)







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[RPG] [Yotsukoshiya] LESTA HUNTER NATASHA HUNT Ver.2.05

Title / タイトル: レスタハンター ナターシャハント / LESTA HUNTER NATASHA HUNT
Brand / ブランド: 四越屋 / Yotsukoshiya
Release / 販売日: 2014/04/28
File size / ファイル容量: 47MB

* Updated to ver 2.05
New quest added.
See the circle’s DLsite blog for details.
If you do not see “lhnh_v2_01.exe” and “readme_v2_01.txt”
in the folder for this product, please redownload to update.
Save data should transfer between versions
but please make a backup to be safe.

Sign up to hunt with MHFG’s
Legendr*sta Natasha during a three day
assist course. When the 3 days
are over (after you win) you can
take control of things and play freely.
One playthrough is about
30 minutes to an hour.

There is no voice but a blank WAV file
is included as placeholder. Swap in any ecchi
audio you want and it will play during scenes.

There are 4 types of quest:
– Hunt and suppress Babak*nga
– Deliver baby Furf*r (Rang*sta)
– Collect 5 M*lynx
– Collect 8 Ch*chabu (new in ver 2.00)
Consequences are violation and stripping, etc.

You can do different quests during the 3 days
or repeatedly take the same quest.
If you take the same quest, there will be slight dialogue variations.

Also, quests will involve battles.
You will be sexually assailed during the battles.
Dialogue advances pretty much automatically
and you can set battles to be automatic.

If you fail a quest you will be punished.
You can choose what implement to be punished with
in automatically looping scene.

Situations are:
bestiality, anal sex, girl on top, etc.
Pixel anime and simple 2-frame animations from illustrations
and hand-drawn animated scenes are the 3 main types.
In addition there is what happens during battles.

An event with guide girls Hilde and Effie are bonuses.






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