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[Unity] [DaScoot] Carnal Voyages [v0.21.1]

Release Date: 2024-05-17
Developer: DaScoot PatreonBlogspotDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

Welcome to Carnal Voyages
, the sequel to the erotic text-based game Carnal Coup (available here)! The invasion force of the Galactic Pure Union was halted twenty years ago, but it’s time for a new generation to take charge, and to begin to restore sexy funtimes to the rest of the galaxy!

Carnal Voyages features a new cast, a far more customizable player character (and sidekick), new alien species, and new worlds to explore! Rather than manage a single space station you will take on the role of a starship captain, stealthily infiltrating GPU space and fighting them on their home front. The crew of your ship will also be notable characters in their own right, with every crewmember having their own skills, talents, and of course – sexual preferences.

As with Carnal Coup, sexual preference flexibility is a driving force behind the game design. Not only will you be free to design the body type you desire (human or otherwise), but a galaxy of potential partners awaits you, and it is your choice who to pursue – space babes, space cowboys, or anyone else who catches your eye. There’s something for everyone out there!

Game Functions:

  • Minor improvement to scene branching functionality.

Scene Content:

  • First scene in the Harmen System Takeover plotline added. Unlocked 40 hours after the final Harian Leader scene, however the Harian Athletes plotline must also be completed and Choker’s relationship type established (either Platonic or Romantic) in order to complete the scene.
  • Second scene in the Harmen System Takeover plotline added. Unlocked 20 hours after the first scene. Has several options for completion, the seduction ‘combat’ encounter option is still in development and will not currently complete the scene.

Art Content:

  • Happee Leader portrait added to scene and gallery. Nude gallery can be unlocked via cheats.

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue with progress flags would re-close the Victorious Alley scene and the Victorious shop after progressing the Harian leader plotline. These scenes will now be available 40 hours after completing the first Harian Leader scene.
  • A check has been added to unlock the Victorious Athletes CG in the gallery for save games which played the scene before the CG was added.
  • Due to an oversight with progress flags, the player’s decision at the end of the Harian Leader plotline was not being properly tracked. Progress on the last Harian Leader scene has been reset if previously played, and the scene will need to be played again.

Known Issues:

  • None


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[Redsky] Whorehouse Manager [v0.1.8]

Release Date: 2024-04-25
Developer: red sky Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

A small brothel has been opened. By progressing, you unlock new girls, poses, customers and more…Have fun managing it!​


  • Added the dungeon
  • 1 monster girl (Leida)
  • 1 new pose for Leida
  • Zoom option
  • 1 gallery gif


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[HTML] [jktulord] SinE3R – Survival in the Eastern European Encasement Region [v0.3]

Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: jktulord – Patreon Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows 10
Language: English

A mysterious event happened somewhere in the eastern europe. The event contaminated the area, influencing the people inside it. Some of the women were transformed into succubi, which in their turn ended up withering most of the male population. The withered turned ghouls of different kinds. The impacted area was encased and encapsulated to protect the world from it. You traveled there with a group of researcher. Your group was ambushed and killed, except you.
Will you continue to research the unknown or will you try to tame it?


  • Girls from the widow camp appear in the hutori village, you can talk to them and they can attack you.
  • Enemies now have different attacks which they randomly choose from
  • Hp is shown correctly on the enemies
  • MiniMap now shows the layout of the location

Public(free) patreon Features

  • Added bunker area and surrounding
  • Added underground bunker area
  • Random Enemies generated in the bunker area
  • Wolf enemy added

Private features

  • Succubus encounter added – Located in the corner of the bunker. Both sex and fight is possible. Sex mostly likely will result in death: prepare food, water (and possibly medicine)


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[The Gentle Viking] Simbro: ResErection [Demo v0.09b]


Release Date: 2024-05-11
Developer: The Gentle Viking – PatreonSubscribestarSteamDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Demo 0.09b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Welcome to a sci-fi/cyberpunk universe where you run an adult brothel in a full brothel management simulator. Build your brothel from the ground up by adding new rooms to increase your staff capacity, keep staff happy, and provide unique services to clients. You can also customize your characters with different clothes, hairstyles, and weapons. In this game, you can earn experience points and a reputation through a turn-based combat system, running your brothel, and “interacting” with beautiful women. Level up your character and staff to better serve clients or fight off thugs. Take over the city by fighting gangs and upgrading your brothel.

Demo v0.09b

– Major Stage Plan menu code optimizations
– The Peek button now works and is added when a room is in use
– Added a drop-down menu to select floors (Future Proofing)
– Room UI (on the right) now displays what the room looks like
– Room UI (on the right) now displays room quality
– Room UI (on the right) now displays maintenance cost
– Toggle added to toggle staff icons over rooms
– Rooms will now go semi-transparent when assigning staff if staff can’t be assigned to that room
– Room Quality is now accounted for when fulfilling a client’s request
– Bedrooms now have a quality stat
– Brothel Request now stack (Visual)
– Bedrooms can now be upgraded to improve quality
– Rooms under construction (upgrades) are unusable for 3 days
– Added notifications when trying to buy rooms or upgrade without sufficient funds
– Staff icons become transparent when working (Stage Menu)
– Rooms now display level (once a room is upgraded) on their icon in the stage menu
– Difficulty setting for combat in settings menu (Easy, Normal, Hard)(WIP)
Bug Fix
– Fixed Character Stats and Class changes after applying stats
– Fixed Haymaker move not acting as power punch
– Fixed the Enter Button showing in the room info screen when already in the room
– Fixed Peek Button showing in rooms info screen
– Fixed Client Satisfaction Increasing or decreasing when switching staff
– Fixed Character Loading Error
– Fixed being able to purchase more than one master bedroom
– You can no longer move staff from a room if they are working
– Fixed room info not deleting after deconstruction of room
– Potential fix for characters not fainting during combat——————————————
Known Bugs
– Characters from old saves need to buy earrings even if their character had them previously
– Sometimes characters don’t play faint animation when hp is 0 (Will be fixed in combat update)

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[Unity] [Pyorgara] Breaking the princess [v0.33]

Release Date: 2024-03-11
Developer: Patreon – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.33
OS: Windows
Language: English

The story is that the titular princess was assigned to take charge of a remote mining town beset by constant monster attacks. She fires the main character, Hugar, from his position as a local leader for his insubordination when he points out how shit she is at running the place. Eventually she’s forced to accept that he’s the only one who could maybe save her from being forced to flee back to the capitol in disgrace (as her political enemies intended when they maneuvered for her to be given the assignment), and agrees to his terms of letting him run the place and rewarding good management with sexual favors.
(Formally Know As)

– Added the Harmony town and punishment scenes for Beast pen, Workshop, Fighting pit and Church. (A total of 48 scenes)
– Added next Felicity scenes.
– Added beast pen BG.


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[RPGM] [Sora kun] Lumaria [v0.12.6]

Release Date: 2024-03-30
Developer: Sora kun – Patreon Subscribestaritch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.12.6
OS: Windows
Language: English

Lumaria is an RPG for adults with classic MMO systems such as enchanting, crafting, resource mining, and mob farming. It also includes mechanics for gifting and having relationships with girls, a day and night system that affects NPC behavior, a bestiary, and many other smaller systems.
All monsters of this world are controlled by monster girls, after fighting with them you have a chance to get their summoning stone and sign a contract with them, after which you can take her to the group, send her on a hunt, increase her favor to open new sex scenes.

A golden dildo falls on the protagonist’s head and he dies, after which he meets the goddess of another world who offers him reincarnation as an apology…

v0.12.6 Public

  • A new location in the dark forest with the Foxy boss =)​
  • Gallery added to the player’s room.​
  • Bugs with lighting fixed.​
  • Craft recipes are no longer available if the recipe is not in inventory.​
  • In the bestiary menu, you can now check the resources of a location.​
  • The total amount of experience required to level up has been reduced.​
  • Maid – a few interaction fixes.​
  • The orgasm scene is no longer looped.​
  • Oathbreaker Great Sword can be enchanted now.​
  • Gifts are no longer displayed in the battle menu.​
  • We have increased the amount of gold you receive from the chest at the beginning of the game.​
  • Guild quests now offer higher gold rewards, and some quests require defeating more monsters to complete.​
  • The Rat Girl Protector can now use provoke in auto-combat.​
  • Ore in the forest now has a displayed name.​
  • Time display moved to the middle of the screen.​
  • Recipe: Improved medium boots now craft the correct item.​
  • Fixed description of objectives in quests.​
  • Increase the chance of jewelry drops.​
  • Sake and wine now available only at capital tavern.​
  • The price of gifts has been reduced.​
  • Crafting core now available for purchase from the blacksmith in town.​
  • Autosave now only works when changing location.​
  • Added armor types in the description of items and recipes, as well in the crafting menu.​
  • Enchantment fix.​


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[VN] [Unity] [Team Bieno] Breeding Farm [v0.7.1]

Release Date: 2024-05-13
Developer: Team Bieno GZone – MorahZamora – lostraven – Epadder – DiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Heavily inspired by the original monster banging game “Breeding Season”, Breeding Farm tells the story of a shipwrecked individual with no memory or identity. Rescued by a local monster breeding farm girl and her mother, they are tasked with helping to save their estate from shutting down. Armed with only a few coins, a ragtag team of monsters, and whatever’s resting in your pants, can you bring the Crimson Estate back to its former glory? Or will the all too gorgeous and buxom women and monsters of this strange land do far too good a job at keeping you from getting any real work done?​


New Features:

  • 35 new and fully animated scenes, including:
    • 15 new monster combination scenes
    • 20 new animated story-related scenes featuring Yara, Eros, Talia, Meridian, Cecilia, Rika, and Katelyn
  • Reimplementation of the previously removed Rika night scene in the forest
  • 5 character portraits have been fully redesigned and partially reanimated
    • 4 of these characters now feature new alternate outfits and poses
    • 1 character has received a new nude portrait version
  • 8 new unlockable and replayable scenes in the gallery
  • Several new backgrounds mostly in the “Elfen Village,” “Eros’ Tavern,” and on the Farm
  • Updated main menu background
  • Monster orders system overhaul with new story-related monster orders to fulfill
  • 4 new story quests
  • Introduction of a black color version of the bunny monster type
  • For the first time, pregnancy is visible in the story


  • Fixed a game-breaking bug that occurred when Cecilia visited Rika’s room at night
  • Updated cheat codes, previous codes no longer work in this version
  • New story-related monster orders marked with golden stars
  • Reset function added to the order system to prevent loading orders from previous saves into a new game
  • Donation tracking for elf monsters updated
  • Monster orders can now request multiple monsters until the order is fulfilled or allow lending instead of selling
  • Updated a previous spine2d scene from v3.8 to v4.1. The water animation in Rika’s hotspring scene should now work as intended.


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[Unity] [WAKUWAKU] Lustful Traditional Massage Parlor – Mothers and Daughters Addicted to Secret Services – [v1.9.6 + DLC]

Release Date: 2024-05-11
Original Title: 情欲の古式マッサージ店 -裏サービスにハマる母娘たち-
Developer: WAKUWAKU DLsiteCi-en
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.9.6 + DLC
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Voices: Japanese
Store: DLsite

When he was in junior high school, he was a member of the judo club and even won a gold medal at the national championship, so he is quite skilled. Through a chance encounter, he joined the Koiryu-kai, Yokohama’s second organized crime syndicate.
Kota’s biggest weakness is how lewd he is, and every time he sees a beautiful woman he’s attracted to, he gets the urge to fuck her.
He was once chased after seducing the woman of the organization’s executive, but after running away to the countryside for a while, he returned to the group. Yusuke Kawashima, a member of the group, takes great care of Kota, and has recently been trying to train him and have him take over some of his business.

How to change the language:

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[Unity] [Xian] Liu Shan Maker [v1.07]

Release Date: 2024-05-13
Developer: Xian Steam
Publisher: Playmeow, ACG creator SteamFacebookTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.07
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian
Voices: Japanese

After Liu Bei’s passing, as Zhuge Liang, the Chancellor of Shu Han, not only do I aim to fulfill Liu Bei’s wish for a peaceful empire, but I must also nurture Liu Bei’s daughter, Liu Shan, entrusted to me as an orphan, to become an adept Empress of Shu Han…

Developer Notes:

◆ Story
During the Three Kingdoms era, warlords vied for supremacy, aspiring to unify the Central Plains through strategy and warfare. Yet, amidst the continuous conflict, the long-awaited era of peace and prosperity for the common people remained elusive. The chaos of the Three Kingdoms entered its latter stage after enduring years of incessant battles.
In the year 223 AD, on his deathbed, the ailing Emperor Liu Bei entrusted me with the care of his orphaned daughter, Liu Shan, to assist her in ruling and even suggested my intervention in case of her inability to lead. However, as his most loyal advisor, I could not entertain such thoughts. My true aspiration is to groom Liu Shan into a beloved and capable Empress, fostering Shu Han into a powerful nation capable of unifying the realm. This is my life’s greatest ambition.
However, nothing unfolds as easily as envisioned. Ambitious stepsons eyeing power, rebellions in the southern regions, rebellious generals, and the invasion by Cao Wei posed successive challenges upon Liu Shan’s ascension…
Amidst internal strife and external threats, what choices should I make to lead Shu Han toward an era of peace and prosperity while nurturing Liu Shan to become a wise and benevolent Empress?◆ Gameplay
Players take on the role of Zhuge Liang, supporting Liu Shan’s reign as the Chancellor of Shu Han, nurturing her into an exceptional Empress capable of unifying the realm during tumultuous times. They must navigate the challenges faced by the nation.
Each month in the game allows decisions on two national policies and three arrangements for Liu Shan’s development. Policy decisions impact the nation’s metrics while nurturing Liu Shan involves choices between “Studying,” “Conversations,” “Outings,” and “Rest,” enabling her to lead a balanced life and foster goodwill. Every decision and arrangement influences the destiny of Liu Shan and the nation.◆ Game Features
◇ 23 basic CGs, including over 250 variations
◇ Management and cultivation gameplay
◇ One main female character and three secondary female characters
◇ Word Count: 150,000 words
◇ Game Endings: 10 variations


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[Unity] [TirelessLurker] Manor [Alpha 14]

Release Date: 2024-05-13
Developer: TirelessLurker PatreonSubscribestarTF GamesDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Alpha 14
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Manor is a game in which you transform a manor full of visitors into creepy, near identical maids (or non-identical alraunes/succubi, or identical maids if you set the option). It looks like a board game, but it’s more of a sim game.
It’s inspired by Escape the Manor (a Student Transfer scenario by Narg) and (with permission) the characters and flavour draw heavily from it; other inspirations include similar stuff in other games (for example Chambers of Pandemonium).​


Alpha 14

+ Body swapping characters you control into monster bodies that are under your control now remain under your control
+ Changed the way corruption chance is shown to make it more visible
+ Added a succubus pendant item, which slowly increases the strength of a succubus mark on the bearer
+ Added an empower succubus mark action, which (expensively) boosts a succubus mark on a character by a little (intended as a ‘speed up process’/’get it over the line’ ability)
+ Added a succubus mark trap book
+ Traitor deal chance is now affected by the presence of other characters the target is bonded with. If they are on the manor side and the target’s corruption is at least (15 + bond level x 10) the effect from the bond with the target will be countered and instead a different amount (2.5 x bond level) will be added to the chance. If they aren’t on the manor side or the target’s corruption isn’t high enough, the deal will be even less likely to succeed
+ Controlled bees can now transform visitors
-> First, they have to collect pollen from alraunes to prepare an egg. This can be set as a harvest mode, or directly ordered
-> Once they have an egg prepared, they can place an immobile visitor within it
-> The tf is the same as for regular bees, however the end result is a controlled bee
-> Visitors with the bee knowledge can stop the transformation safely, but those without will break the egg. Depending on the point the transformation is at, the victim will be released as a visitor or bee (with a chance of being controlled or not)
+ Fixed not being able to directly order bees to collect pollen
+ Fixed a lot of cases where a characters ai wasn’t being rerun after their modes were changed
+ Added a ‘prepare egg only’ harvesting option for controlled bees
+ Fixed succubus mark trap books adding a new succubus mark to characters who already have one; they instead now empower the existing mark
+ Fixed issue with many orders not working when a character is targeting someone in the same room
+ When the character set as the result of mirror cloning uses the mirror, they now get some unique text instead of being randomly transformed
+ Player action text is now offset from any action an involved character is intending to take
+ Prevented characters from recovering from incapacitation in the hive
+ Filled out the manual
+ Body swapping with an alraune now updates names; with a delay if the alraune is out of control after the swap
+ After continuing a continuable game, if you later lose the master you will now get a game over
+ Meddled to help cope with very very wide resolutions; likely that some sections aren’t quite there yet
+ Fleshed out the tutorial
+ Added a seed growth focusing override, that makes maids create/give drug/food that supports alraune seed growth instead of the default option (a character specific override will still take precedence). Can be set when viewing a yard room
+ Added a bag of mysterious fertiliser that a maid can use to transform herself into a maid
+ Added a multi-drop action
+ Adjusted identity mirror ‘no visible effect’ case to apply any stat/other differences
+ Body swap no longer reruns the ai of a character not under your control
+ Fixed the mirror not activating on a character who matches the clone target when one is set but the mirror isn’t in cloning mode
+ Fixed a few actions being able to target the hive
+ Fixed maids being able to plant themselves in any room
+ Fixed beegirl knowledge book granting no knowledge, and succubs knowledge book granting beegirl knowledge
+ Added varied maid standing images as an option
+ Added saving and loading – this involved a lot of wide reaching changes, so there’ll be issues. Includes an autosave feature
+ Fixed crash when starting with controlled beegirls who are then freed before the hive is revealed
+ Fixed a subtle issue with memories that didn’t remove duplicates of shared events when they were reshared
+ Fixed some ui sprites getting cleared when starting a new game
+ Hopefully stopped bees abducting characters becoming alraunes
+ Adjusted bee and alraune ai; particularly alraunes won’t reveal themselves to look after allies when there are hidden hostile targets
+ Hopefully fixed default order setting on controlled beegirls created via eggs
+ Controlled bees taking items somewhere should no longer break stealth
+ Orders to feed/give a visitor an alraune seed now swap to seed boosting instead of seed adding food/medicine if the target already has a seed; similarly if feeding seed boosting food/medicine and there is no seed they swap to simple meal/placebo
+ Newly spawned bees now start in the hive
+ Added some code for save safety that may cause issues with loading


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