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[Ren’Py] [Winterlook] Stellar Dream [v0.54]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: Winterlook – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.54
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Stellar Dream tells a story about a colony ship set to find new worlds suitable for human colonization.
Scouts were send to three most suitable candidates but communication with them has been lost.
The player’s task is to bring the scouts home,
find a suitable home for the colony and establish diplomatic relations with alien life forms.​

Key features:
Quests with multiple resolutions.
Inventory and stat system.
Be able to improve your chances in a fight, talk your way out of trouble or impress everyone with your skills.

Relationship system.
Pursue a serious relationship or something more casual with women aboard the mothership, as well as aliens.
Different sexual activities.
Expect to see the return of your favorite fetishes from our previous titles, some of which will be expanded upon.

1)You can now visit Hope 2 and explore its city.
2) 2 new H scenes with the guard and nun(requiures specific choice and stats check).


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[Unity] [Sombionic] Sombionic [v0.2]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: Sombionic PatreonSteamSubscribestar TwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

Shoot monsters and romance them during combat! In Sombionic you play as a female scientist fighting monsters and genetically engineered humans, harvesting their rare genes and organs for your own inventory. Once pristine habitats are now overrun by genetically enhanced species, their presence transforming these landscapes into biopunk arenas of rivalry.


• New H-Scene
• Enemies can romance you during combat [read more about in the Steam’s community hub]
• Customize your character’s equipment – equip and unequip individual items: hair, glasses, gloves etc etc.. [read more about in the Steam’s community hub]
• New Character type – Mutant.
• New Character type – Slime.
• Navigation System – Compass Points of Interest.And much more…Week 1:
• Skippable prologue (while playing it and from the menu).
• Checkpoints are now working correctly.
• Hold ‘E’ is converted to just Press ‘E’ in most of the cases, where it’s still hold, you will see a UI popup letting you know you should hold.
• The shooting range tutorial has only 1 task, which is a combination of the static & dynamic targets.
• The shooting targets count for the tutorial is reduced from 30 to 10 (but its repeatable if you wish).
• Enemy difficulty is toned down during the first level.
• If you break the collision in the cave level you won’t fall down, but be teleported inside the cave again.
• Saving your progress after the level has been completed is fully working.
• Fixed full screen and windowed mode not switching.
• Small localization errors were fixed.
• Fixed small bugs in the UI.

Week 2 + 3:
• A new AI that stays in place and attacks – it will be used for tentacles and tanky characters that are optional to kill, but drop a decent loot.
• A new AI with low health, low movement speed, and a small target detection radius – Oh, am I making this guy weak on purpose? Exactly! This will be used as a pretty much lvl 1 creep that you can easily kill to heal yourself and it won’t be required to be eliminated in order to progress the level. I thought this could be much better than just spawning a lot of health packs you can freely pick.
• Added a default inventory when you first start the game – Melany’s Pigtails + Lab Girl’s outfit + M4 Rifle (+ A UI Update) – This will prepare it for v0.3 when you will be able to customize each individual item from your inventory and take it off.
• Pressing the “I” key opens the inventory rather than pressing ESC and then opening it manually.
• Updated the controller’s physics to be more consistent – should solve some going through walls issues while dashing.
•Changes to the romance scenes ability UI.

Week 4:
• Enemies can drop items that heal you upon interaction.
• Limit the amount of enemies and enemies of the same type that can attack you concurrently.
• Default crosshair, which is always visible even if you don’t aim with a gun. You can turn it off from the game settings, if you don’t want to see it.
• The player camera was moved to the right to give you a better view and going from non-ADS to ADS mode easier.
• Changes to lvl 1 in the Campaign’s combat during quest ‘Find the Lead’ – added health pickups, decreased the amount of enemies on wave 3 and spawned more lower health creeps that drop health pickups when killed.


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[Ren’Py] [lamarcachis] Smurfing the smurfettes [v0.20]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: lamarcachis Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

RenPy erotic adventure game based on the Smurf’s cartoon show (mostly the 80s version,
but with the Smurfette characters from the most recent iterations).

The player assumes the role of an adult Scruple (Gargamel’s apprentice).
Due to an accident, he turns into dwarf size and ends up in a village only populated by Smurfettes.
What starts as an unfortunate situation can become his great opportunity to capture the Smurfettes…
But his priorities may change along the way…​


  • Progress in MAIN QUEST 2 – Rescue mission of the first PUSSYWILLOW PIXIE.
    • New LOCATIONS – Pussywillow Hollow, Castle Toad.
    • New ENEMIES – Meet the fearsome Wartmongers.
    • New CHARACTERS – Meet BOGGIE (female Wartmonger) and PANSY (the clumsy Pixie)
    • Several lewd scenes, including SMURFFUN with LILY.
    • Get a new WEAPON!
  • Progress in MAIN QUEST 4 (Read Book of Magic) – Quest for the MAGIC FLUTE.
    • New CHARACTER – Meet LEAF, the young NATURE FAIRY.
    • First glimpse to two mysterious FOES – The CLOAKED FIGURE and the AFRICAN PRINCESS. What is their role in the story?
  • Progress in LILY SIDE QUEST – Complete her tasks to get your well deserved rewards, including SMURFFUN.
  • Progress in FLOWERBELL SIDE QUEST – Complete the second exploration of Balthazar’s Castle with the Nymph FLOWERBELL so she can get her ‘revenge’.
  • NEW SIDE QUEST – Triggered when exploring BALTHAZAR’S CASTLE alone in search of weapons.
    • New CHARACTERS – Meet the young witch SHREWELLA, and CLOCKWORK SMURFETTE.
    • Acquire new WEAPONS – The impressive LIGHTNING ROD and the weird SENSOR CROWN (to be used in future releases in MAIN QUEST 1).


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[Unity] [Proyect-H] Proyect-H [v0.2.2 Demo]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: Proyect-H – Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2 Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English

Jump into PROYECT-H – a 3d open world anime racing game that’s not just about speed, but love too! Meet awesome characters, enjoy wild races, and guess what? This is just the beginning. We’re cooking up more fun – more girls, more tracks, and more cars for the full game. This is our first NSFW videogame and we have 0 funding for now, only talent. Wanna help us make the game a reality? Check us out on Patreon and let’s roll together!​

v0.2.2 demo:
+BIG ADDITION City expansion
+ADDED skip dialog sentence.
+ADDED health bars to enemy cars so you can beat them.
+ADDED explotions to enemy cars when they health is 0.
+ADDED Car restore button: restores the health of your car wherever you are.
+ADDED Fast loading screen panel and transitions on (enter/exit vehicle, start/finish dialog, enter/exit interior)
+ADDED Prologue (only text and some stills, we are planning to convert it to cinematics in the future)
+ADDED Money

*CHANGED increased race difficulty just a little bit.
*CHANGED increase footsteps volume a little bit.
*CHANGED car config, now it feels more heavy and not so “wobbly”.
*CHANGED car crash sfx and vfx, now it’s relative to the collision impact of the car.
*CHANGED removed realtime reflection probes on interior mirrors to boost FPS. (now uses cameras and textures).
*CHANGED Camera collision on interiors.
*CHANGED social media icons and buttons (added discord)

-FIXED terrain holes
-FIXED Missing Elizabeth
-FIXED Quickload bugs

-FIXED timer and quest problems before the race.
-FIXED Game stuck after the race.
-FIXED Maya scene not showing.
-FIXED Stuck camera after game resume.
-FIXED character stoped moving after getting the Nurse card mission.
-FIXED stuck speedometer after the race.
-FIXED accidently stack sidequests on top of another.
-FIXED glitched road before starting the race.
-FIXED Nitro particles not tilting with car.
-FIXED Weird car body tilt during races.
-FIXED Race Pit zone only restoring a bit of health, now it fully restores your car.
-FIXED multiple anoying and constant collisions with the ground.
-FIXED some few dialogue typos.
-FIXED The player falls infinitely when trying to enter an interior many times in a row.
-FIXED some missing colliders on interiors.


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[Ren’Py] [Mucski] Mystic Valley [v0.0.20.0]

Release Date: 2024-05-28
Developer: Mucski DiscordItch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

Your mother died when you were very young, and your father disappeared without a trace when you were 15. You were living in orphanages, when all hopes were lost, you got a mysterious offer … to move in a mansion with 5 beautiful girls.​

In this patch I added sex sounds and moans by MagicalMysticVA, if you like it, I’ll go back and add them to all the animations, or at least most of them.
– 2 new Ava scenes
– 1 new custom Ava animation
– 1 repeatable Zoe scene with couch prone sex during evenings
– 1 new Joana scene
– Added sex sounds and moans to 2 scenes. (While I have a few different sounding moans, they might end up sounding the same on some girls. I will add more as I find them. Sex sounds aren’t final, and will most likely improve.)
– Added settings to mute or decrease moaning or sex sounds volume.
– Added audio emphasis setting that will automatically lower the music volume while moaning and sex sounds play.
– Added a 1 time use per playthrough name changer cheat code for $15 patrons and above. (once activated the item will show up in your inventory for a one time use.)
– Made the $99999 cheat code a one time per playthrough use. As it’s a lot of money and can break the game.
– Fixed an issue where completing Blossom’s event it didn’t skip 3 days as per script.
– Updated patreon list
– Updated walkthrough


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[RPGM] [GapTax/Kagura Games] Armored Suit Solgante [v1.01 Steam]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: GapTax DLsiteCi-en
Publisher: Kagura Games WebsiteTwitterDiscordYoutube
Censored: No
Version: 1.01 Steam
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Store: Steam

Play as a mech pilot battling against threats to your nation. But in your struggle to defeat the terrorist forces, you become implicated in one of the very schemes you’re fighting against…
Formally known as “Battle Armor Sorgante”

Added v1.01 Steam


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[Flash] [Fenoxo] Trials in Tainted Space [v0.9.1000]

Release Date: 2024-06-12
Developer: Fenoxo WebsitePatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.1000
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Air, Linux
Language: English

Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it’s easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.​


  • ANDROID WARNING: Due to changes made to our deployment pipeline, the new version cannot access old save slot data. Make sure to back up with save to file before updating!
  • [Backers] Experience Dhaal’s infamous Mindstream entertainment at Paragon Playground! To give it a shot, select the ‘VR Space’ option the Paragon Playground’s menu. (Written by William, coded by Leek.)
  • [Public] Velta’s Workout Option
  • [Public] Edan’s Bi-curious Expansion
  • [Android] Gedan reworked the android build deployment for both TiTS and the CoC2 folks to better keep up with Google’s bullshittery.
  • New Bust: Horkenn (by Adjatha)
  • New CG: Gabilani Cyborg loss (see this post’s image, by ToonNik)
  • Siegwulfe’s “Domwulfe” mode should now activate whether you are carrying her or not while in “Crew Toy” mode. (Leek)
  • Gravitational Anomaly now applies the kinetic-reduction effect on all foes when upgraded. (Fenoxo)
  • Restored missing combat texts for Goo Armor. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixes for Tika vanishing for public build players. (lowercase donkey)
  • More blinding attacks now respect blind immunity. (lowercase donkey)
  • Fixed stubborn Shalin Shaman issues that have persisted because of an obvious oversight on how the Shaman’s data connects between the two halves. (Gedan)
  • Olympia’s “Crew Toy” content should be fixed. (Not sure who to credit, but I was told at meeting it was fixed! -F)
  • Fixed bug which caused Deepsea Lab elevator to be open/closed incorrectly. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Fixed bug in Deepsea Lab airlock to ocean that allowed use without depthsuit. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Various fixes to Flurry’s pureblood pregnancy. Correct scene variants should now be used and codex will increment pureblood kips. (Drunk Zombie)
  • Cleaned up some Phaedran codices with references to “Xandam”.
  • Buttloads of fixes and tweaks to combat systems! Having both Gedan and I chunking at big, multi-NPC fights has done a lot to reveal minor issues we can sand down. (Gedan & Fenners)
  • And many more smaller fixes for things like lone typos, slight word adjustments, etc. (The Team)


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[RPGM] [7RKStudio] Summer Stolen Paradise [v0.2.6]

Release Date: 2024-06-14
Developer: 7RKStudio TwitterPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.6
OS: Windows
Language: English

Shortly after their retirement from showbiz, Dan brings her girlfriend, Shion, to his hometown, an island between the mountains and a scenic ocean.
However, a debt shoved onto him quickly interrupted their Summer Vacation. Determined to keep the Beach House and to have a fulfilling Summer, the two work to repay the debt to restore Seaside Village to its former glory.
Play as Dan as you tackle the challenges in the village, strengthen relationships with new and old friends, rediscover his hometown, and most importantly, ensure that his girlfriend spends a memorable summer that she’ll never forget.
This is a mainly NTR game with a Vanilla route a low priority, and will only be worked on when all NTR content is done.
Skip, if NTR is not your thing.​

This update adds a whopping 4 whole in-game days of, around 3 hours, worth of content into the main game for the Masaru Route. It might not seem like much but you’ll change your mind once you reach the end.


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[Unity] [Momentum Games] Sex Counselor [v1.0.0]

Release Date: 2024-06-13
Developer: Momentum Games Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Store: Steam

The main character has never been in a relationship until the age of 20. Dreaming of a pink love affair, I sign a contract with a counselor.
With the help of her counselor, she succeeded in winning their hearts!!
Now that the relationship has been successful, let’s get counseling to help them navigate their sexual fantasies.

Developer Notes:

[How to play]
Move using [SPACE BAR] + arrow keys1. Move and pass the blue and black parts.
2. When it meets the yellow line, the image of that part is opened.
3. Be careful because if you release the SPACE BAR, it will return to the starting position.

*Winning conditions
Conquer more than 80% of her image within the set time

*Losing conditions
Failure to achieve 80% within the set time

[Game Features]
* Six female college students appear.
* It covers the stories of men and women at university.
* Six female college students each have different majors and different charms.
* Special illustrations of the girls are provided depending on the day and night.
* Depending on the day or night, you can enjoy hot and provocative H-scenes.
* Female college students will be added continuously.


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[Ren’Py] [Kaeru] Kaedama [v0.0.5]

Release Date: 2024-06-15
Developer: Kaeru – SubscribeStarItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Enter the halls of Kaedama Private Academy: an all-girls private school that strives to help her students become confident, independent, and ready to face the challenges and obstacles of adult life.
Take on the mantle of Class 3-B’s new teacher and join the seventeen students as they stumble their way through their journies of self-discovery, experiencing the ups and downs of friendship, drama, and romance. Perhaps you could be there to lend an ear? Offer some advice? Or maybe provide a little extracurricular support?

Embrace your new role, learn to love the eclectic mix of girls, and maybe… just maybe… set their hearts aflutter.

Kaedama is a Visual Novel that is heavily dependent on player inputs. By using a unique player-based response system, you can reply in however you see fit. Be assertive, flirty, mean or whatever else springs to mind. Characters will remember your responses and depending on how nice you are you can make them laugh, angry or even fall for you.

250+ new/updated renders
3 new scenes
Input system update.
My apologies, but save files from 0.0.4 won’t work properly anymore, so you’ll have to replay from the start.


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