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[RPGM] [Mindusky] Secrets of Mind Domination [v0.47]

Release Date: 2024-04-16
Developer: MinduskyPatreonTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.47
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

Join Mona on her adventure to become a great doctor, in a city that holds dark secrets of mind and sexual domination.
Will Mona be able to save herself from the dark events happening in the city?
Will she be able to protect her friend Uzaki?
Visual novel like history combined with RPG.​

Added “moaning” sounds to all scenes
Added maps for story development
Obviously more scenes both static and animated
(More “pregnant” scenes have been added)


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[Unity] [Hachigames] Hail Dicktator [v0.66.1]

Release Date: 2024-04-19
Developer: Hachigames PatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.66.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, German, Portuguese; Google Translated: French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Italian

Down on your luck, you suddenly receive a letter from an uncle you never knew you had. He offers you a job to manage his tropical island resort. You find it’s full of beautiful women and a strange culture of punishment and reward. But perhaps the island itself is even stranger than the people that inhabit it…

Build friendships and fall in love with the girls. Punish or reward them. Follow their stories. Explore the secrets of the island, upgrade the hotel, build more facilities. Maybe one day, you will become the new ‘Dicktator’!

‘Hail Dicktator’ features fetishes of all kinds already available in the game, including anal, bondage, spanking, tickling and feet.
As of 0.40, there are close to 1000 events, ~10k renders, and over 50 full animations in the game, and additionally a lot of slideshow mini animations. Full animations are currently mostly in the later game.​

* ~190+ new renders
* 4 new unique animations (one in 60fps)
* ~16 new scenes
* BJ, HJ, Anal, Vaginal, Bondage, BDSM
* Main story continued
* Fixed bug for android where a specific animation in a scene at the leisure center could cause a crash on some phones


Developer Notes:

As of version 0.18, a compressed version is no longer necessary, since the build size was cut down by a lot. The game size is now below what the compressed version’s size was, but has better image quality than the previous full version.

I hope you enjoy the content.

Use the mouse wheel to roll back/forward.

More punishment/reward options will be added with upcoming updates.

Cheats: type into the cheat bar in the hotel management panel (without quotes) (press the hotel button).
* “money” (gives max money)
* “ruinme” (0 money)
* “giveXk” (replace X with pos. or neg. number to add X times 1000 G)
* “maxallstats” (sets all stats of the girls to current maximum. known bug: also sets money to 0, but you can use the money cheats after)

Save games Location:
Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\HachiGames\HailDicktator\save
(make sure that hidden folders are visible)
Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/com.Company.ProductName/save/
Linux: /home/USERNAME/.config/unity3d/HachiGames/HailDicktator/save

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[VN] [Appetite] Bitchgal’s rock-hard orgasm ~Falling for the private tutor’s huge virgin dick~[Final]

Release Date: 2018-05-25
Original Title: ビッチギャルのガチイキアクメ ~家庭教師の童貞巨根にハマり堕ち~
Aliases: Bitch Gyaru no Gachi Iki Acme ~Katei Kyoushi no Doutei Kyokon ni Hamari Ochi~
Developer: Appetite DLsite
Translator: AnimeMonolith – Patreon
Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Short (~3 hours)
VNDB: Link
Store: DLsite

Eiji is normal university student with gynophobia.
Because of that, he has always been avoiding interact with women despite wanting a girl friend for ages.
However, one day his mother suddenly asks him to tutor a gyaru high school student in neighborhood.
He knows about that girl and she is indeed epitome of his fear: Slutty, Cheeky, Noisy and Beautiful!? What will his life become now?​

Full save included.
Cracked .exe could show up in virus scan, this is a false positive, there is nothing I can do about it.

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[RPGM] [Maistar] Onahole Quest [v2.00]

Release Date: 2022-02-02
Developer: Maistar DLsiteCi-en
Translator: Mediocre Translation Patreon
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 2.00
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan Translation)
Voices: Japanese
Store: DLsite

The protagonist is summoned to a world where the Demon Lord and his succubi minions have already taken over the world!
But wait! It seems onaholes have demon-slaying capabilities!
Together with his fairy companions, the protagonist strikes out to save the world with the power of jerking!
Can he make it back to the real world, where his cute little sister awaits?

Developer Notes:

An HPRG for masochists, where the male protagonist gets onahole jerked
by almost all the female characters.Part 1of the game is focused on H scenes in rapid succession,
while part 2 is focused on the scenario and RPG elements.H scenes are fully unlocked from the get-go, so you can skip right to the juicy stuff if you wish!
Of course, we made sure to give plenty of attention to the RPG gameplay as well.

– 35 base CG + variations
– 38+ H scenes
– 13 hours of recorded ero voices
– 816×624 resolution (RPG TKool MV standard)
– Only 1 ending, but there are sub-scenarios

– Contains a guide 3 clicks before ejaculation scenes
– H scene skip
– Combat skip
– Invincibility mode
– Clear without combat (if so desired)
– Revive (So you don’t need to do so much save and load)
– Save anywhere (with some exceptions)
– No grinding elements (though there are extra bosses, etc.)
– Silent protagonist option

Enjoy a fun, stress-free gaming experience with lots of ero!

[Play time]
Main story: Approx. 3 hours
+ H scenes: Approx. 13 hours (can be skipped)
+ Sub Stories: Approx. 2 hours
+ Extra elements (equipment strengthening, extra bosses, etc.)

Contains tons of onahole-based situations, along with sex scenes for 3 characters.
H events only occur during the story – no combat H
– Yandere onahole jerking
– Reverse-rape impregnating onahole jerking
– Womb sex onahole sex
– Public onahole jerking
– Anal & verbal teasing public onahole jerking
– reverse stuck-in-the-wall onahole jerking
– Drugged oneshota onahole jerking
– Little sister onahole jerking
– Little sister using a strap-on
– Enema & onahole teasing
– Double ear licking onahole jerking
– Masochist livestock bad end
– Onahole footjob
– Reverse NTR onahole jerking
– Double fellatio from non-human sisters
– Titjob and submissive ejaculation
– Titjob bad end
– Lovey sex with a ghost girl
– Onahole slave transformation
– Gut-punching reverse rape by youkai
– Bukkake onahole support from a smell-fetish youkai
– Slime violation fap support and more!

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[Mike Velesk] Total Seduction 2 [v0.8]

Release Date: 2024-04-16
Developer: Mike Velesk – PatreonSubscribeStar WebsiteWiki
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows
Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech

Or TS2 is an open world adult game. At the start of the game, you take a job as an intern in a lab and you end up field testing an experimental device called Chemical Augmentation Device (or CHAD). This sub-dermal implant can produce a wide array of various chemicals, hormones, pheromones and drugs to enhance your abilities. CHAD has it’s own AI and it learns as time progress. Thus it can manufacture more complex chemicals as it improves itself, eventually granting you near supernatural abilities.
TS2 is an open world real time 3D game and a successor to Total Seduction 1. You control main character from isometric view with free camera rotation and zoom. All scenes are animated and controllable. The game has a main quest, but it is not time sensitive, so you are free to explore large in-game world, full of interesting characters and stories.​


  • Belinda‘s seduction quest continues – after you obtain a skimpy outfit for her, she is willing to explore her exhibitionist fetish with you. If you progress with Taylor to level 8, she will also notice and wants to take part in it.
  • Start of the seduction quest for Zara. After you have intelligence of at least 50, she ask you for a private tutoring. You can than visit her at her house at the hospital district. As for now, this quest is rather short.
  • Morph: Female and Morph: Futa skills are now implemented. You can use them to morph into female/futa during night. As a female/futa, you can visit Rita to perform some tests. You can also change your hair style at the new salon at city center and buy clothes at the mall’s boutique. In front of the boutique, you can try to seduce men. Except Rita’s this is the only scene, you can do as female/futa, but is is huge – including 70 different positions/options. Some of these options depend on the personality of your partner and your unlocked skills.


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[RPGM] [toshiomaru] Busty Ninjas [v1.2_MOD4]

Release Date: 2023-11-29
Original Title: 巨乳忍者
Aliases: Kyonyū ninja
Developer: toshiomaru Cien
Translator: JustXuX – PatreonDiscord
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.2_MOD4
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited GPT4 MTL)
Store: DLsite

Ninjas on a mission to an island full of naughty encounters with busty ninjas.
Watch this video for a better game preview.​



*Japanese version:

  • Fixed to allow receiving various bonus items from the green-haired nude person in the Recollection Room (Pervy Diary)
  • Added bonus erotic DVDs (obtainable from the above NPC)

*Updated the English translation to the latest version (Apr/15/2024).
*Fixed one scene not unlocking after talking to sheep. Required to download the patch.


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Isekai Brothel] Isekai Brothel [v0.32]

Release Date: 2024-04-14
Developer: Isekai Brothel Patreon DiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.32
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

We’re Not Just a Brothel, we use a technology of travel between universes!
With this technology you can teleport to the desired universe or you can teleport our girls to your universe.
Here you can satisfy your fantasies with girls from other universes, from Dating, Quick Sex, Fetishes, Etc…

– Added Nami (One Piece).

– Added Nico Robin (One Piece).

– Added Juna Crawford (The Legend of Heroes).

– Added Towa Herschel (The Legend of Heroes).

– Added Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling).
– Added Nero (Black Clover).
– Added Soifon (Bleach).


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Sennko] Wonderful! [v0.1.1]

Release Date: 2024-03-23
Developer: Sennko – Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

In Wonderful, you are a guy who made his fortune very young but who also lost everything very early.

In debt you return to your mother, on the road you will find a kitsune saying she comes from another world.
Find the truth about this world and this kistune.


  • Fix typos
  • Fix Renpy error Day3
  • Fix Wrong image in Closet day 4
  • Adding Screen “Day 1, Day 2, Day 3”
  • Remove unused files
  • Fix all characters discovered in notebook
  • Remove useless menu

Developer Notes:

For now, Wonderful! does not contain any real sexual content.
The simple reason is that our protagonist does not have a sufficiently advanced relationship with the other girls, for now.Tags planned for future content that aren’t yet included above :

  • Anal Sex
  • Group sex
  • Handjob
  • Lesbian
  • Milf
  • Slave
  • Titfuck
  • Vaginal sex

And more…


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[Unity] [himitsudev] Waifu’s Love Room [v1.0]

Release Date: 2024-04-02
Developer: himitsudev Itch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Store: Itch.io

Waifu’s Love Room is an interactive point-and-click hentai minigame that allows you to customize and play with your Waifu. There are more than 100 options varying between hairstyles, gloves, socks, face paint, colors, and much more. Your Waifu can be posed in 9 different ways.

You can approach the Waifu in three different ways, using your dick, tongue, or hand. Fill the pleasure bar to make her happier, but remember, she’s always up for more. You can penetrate her pussy, mouth, or ass. You can also lick her body.​

Developer Notes:

Use the system requirements below to compare with your device specs. If you can run the browser version, you can also run the standalone. The game was playtested on a Samsung Galaxy A54. Equal or superior devices will play the game fine. Inferior devices will experience poor visuals and performance or crashes.

  • Use the mouse or tap the screen to click on the menus.
  • Adjust the “Interface Scale” in the options menu to better fit your display.
  • Press the “left” or “right” arrow keys to switch scenes (PC & WebGL).
  • Press “H” to hide the HUD (PC & WebGL).
  • Press “R” to randomize the Waifu’s appearance.
  • Zoom with Mouse Scroll (PC & WebGL) or Pinch (Android).
  • Pan by Holding the Left Mouse Button or Sliding the screen (Android).
  • The game saves your changes automatically.

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, feel free to use the comments below. Depending on the players ‘ reception, I might improve this project with new features. Please be kind and respectful in the comments! ❤

❤ If you liked the game, please consider rating it! ❤


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[Team Annue and Friends] Casino Cuties [v1.2.1]

Release Date: 2023-10-09
Developer: Team Annue and Friends Itch.ioSubscribestarTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.2.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

Casino Cuties was made based off of the fond memories we had playing wholesome casino games back in the day. Games where you would win more money than you lose. Games that shielded us from harsh realities that is AAA game monetization tactics.
There is no real money spent gambling in this game. This game pays out more than any real gambling scenario would, so you can consistently make money in this game, but not in real life.

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