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[Ren’Py] [Omar Company] Milfrim: The Elder Fuck 69 [v0.999]

Release Date: 2024-05-22
Developer: Omar Company PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.999
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

this is a world in which you will make every inhabitant, from your obnoxious sister, to the insidious and inaccessible vampire, adore you, and share your skills with you.
Do you think your mother is only capable of shaking her form in front of you? It’s not! She is an experienced woman, and she has a lot to teach you! And when it’s accompanied by passions and various fetishes, the learning will be more interesting, right?
Become a dream for over a dozen maidens of different races, shapes, and even bloodlines. Protect them, go on various adventures, and develop your trading shop.
And most importantly, become part of our society, and forget about the stresses! After all, in the world of Milfrim you will always have fun and relaxation.
last version 0.4264

– added a new backdrop “House”
– added new backdrop “Hall”
– changed closet icon
– changed the icon of the exit from the location
– changed the icon of sleeping at home
– added Kyle’s chibik in his room
– added chibik Kayla sleeping in her room
– added Suzanne’s chibi hanging laundry
– added Suzanne’s chibi washing dishes
– added Suzanne’s chibi mops the floors.
– added quest for collecting things
– added eavesdropping quest
– added NSFW scene with Kayla in her room
– added NSFW scene with Suzanne during cleaning
– Fixed a bug when installing on Mac
– completely improved and reworked “Home” code for your convenience
– new game cover
– completely changed and improved prologue with 54 frames animation
– added animated carriage ride at the beginning of the game
and so many jokes that it’s impossible to count.


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[Ren’Py] [Krayt Studios] Devious Demigods [v0.1b Public]

Release Date: 2024-03-15
Developer: Krayt Studios Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1b Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

You play as a son of Eros thrust from his life of debauchery and lust on Olympus into the worst punishment imaginable… Camp Director at Camp Half-Blood. Stripped of the powers of seduction granted to you by your father, you are now forced to maintain the camp, deal with demigod grievances, and answer to that self-righteous pony, Chiron. However, you will soon find that your new position may come with some… benefits.
Choose your name, your identity, and your path as you make the most of your new position to corrupt the many devious demigods inhabiting your camp.
Devious Demigods is a free, fun-filling recreation of the world of gods and heroes that you know and love. (Of course, with a lewd and sexy twist!)

Enthralling Story
Delve into this rich and detailed world exploring a complex story where you choose your own path ahead.

Your Story, Your Choice
In Devious Demigods, your choices matter. Be careful what you say… your words could come back to bite!

A World You Know
Return to Camp Half-Blood to interact with all the characters that you know and love. Hopefully, those interactions will lead you to a place of great satisfaction…

Impressive Visual Style
Experience the high-quality stylized visuals that will leave you begging for more!


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[Unity] [Kinky Fridays] Under Contract [v0.5.0]

Release Date: 2024-05-16
Developer: Kinky Fridays – itch.ioDiscordTwitterBlogSteamKickstarter
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

My bosses are LITERALLY from hell!
The only way out of this is to suit up and climb the corporate ladder to make this company mine!
Under Contract is a high-skill match 3 arcade game with a comedy-driven narrative,
that’s guaranteed to lighten a load or two!

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will scratch the itch for the quarter-guzzling arcade puzzle games of yesteryear.
Similar to Magical Drop and Money Puzzle Exchanger,
Under Contract will focus on modernizing the trimmings by delivering an extensive campaign, expansive puzzle variety,
dimension sprawling narrative, and all the extra modes you could ever want.

Meet Richard, your average college dropout with only a few dollars to his name.
Desperate for a job doing *whatever* He lands an interview at the office of Souverain Industries VLLC.
Unlucky for him they seem to be hiring just about anyone with a soul! From the moment his name was etched onto that dotted line his world shrank to the size of a four-walled cubicle.
Forced to navigate a stressful dead-end job by day and a demonic hellscape by night, he is ‘conmagically’ obligated to work even as he sleeps.
Talk about a dream job.

The dreamscape offers Richard a chance at salvation.
By navigating skillfully around the demonic gems that control his body’s every sleeping moment,
he breaks his chains and begins climbing up the ranks in order to free himself from damnation!

Under Contract modernizes the trimmings by delivering an extensive campaign, expansive puzzle variety,
dimension sprawling narrative, and all the extra modes you could ever want.
Rescue your coworkers, screw your bosses, fuck your way up the cultporate ladder and decide your own fate!


  • 25,000 words of dialogue
  • 8 new sex scenes with finishing animations
  • 2 new gem hazards
  • 1 new upgrade power
  • 2 new arcade levels
  • 15 new arcade rewards
  • 10 minutes of new music


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[Nranchs] Lordling of Hearts [v0.0.3]

Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: Nranchs – Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

One strange day, you wake up in the body of Genevave Draakenburcht van de Hogentoren, the greatest fool of a lordling who ever lived. Your spymaster has usurped your throne, the people despise you for Genevave’s actions, your house seeks to finish their botched assassination attempt, and worst of all, Genevave’s mind is in your head with you, and refuses to shut up. Either you will get the subjects of the Draakenburcht on your side, or you will suffer a painful end. Capture their hearts, or die trying.​

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[Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v24.05.19]

Release Date: 2024-05-19
Developer: Scarlett Young WebsitePatreonSubscribeStarDiscordWiki RedditTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 24.05.19
OS: Windows
Language: English

An erotic adult RPG roguelike strategy adventure through time: Kronos Time Titan allows you to explore the sandbox of time where you mate with beautiful women and defeat sexy foes in order to restore your Titan powers. With every new Titan power unlocked you can discover new ways to seduce women and find your way into their loincloths!​


24.05.19 Changelog

  • New Content
    • New Scenes (Thanks to Level 5 supporter JohnnyBravo for requesting!)
      • Feet job scene with Judy.
      • Kumming on Judy’s feet and ass.
    • New Dialogue
      • Judy: Extended dialogue
      • Judy: Additional dialogue options to complete the 20 bras quest.
    • Quests
      • 20 bras for Judy
  • Fixed
    • MAJOR: After capturing Mary Warren, talking to her at the End of Time, and then completing her quest, she still could not be assigned as the companion in Hestia’s wardrobe menu. Now she can be set as the companion and used to help defeat Father Blackmoon.
  • Known Issues
    • Playing the game on a 4k display with Windows Scaling set to 150% will result in dialogue buttons overlapping. This does not affect gameplay but can be quite distracting.
    • Some of the girls at Castle Kronos can be attacked. This is not an intended behavior.
    • If a player kills a character and loots clothing, the clothing pop-up may not disappear before a quest update pop-up is triggered, causing the quest pop-up to not appear. The quest update will still be activated, however, and the information about the quest update will still show in the Quest Scroll.
    • Completed quests do not award experience at this time.


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Naitoh] Devil’s Academy DxD [v0.5]

Release Date: 2024-05-04
Developer: Naitoh PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

You’re brought back from the dead after a tragic first date.
Your saviour, however, is a devil, and now you must serve her and her entire family.​

Chapter 6:

Added Chapter 6 Part 1
Added Chapter 6 Part 2
Added Chapter 6 Part 3
Added Chapter 6 Part 4
Added Chapter 6 Part 5
Added Chapter 6 Part 6
Added Chapter 6 Part 7
Added Chapter 6 Part 8

Sacred Frames:
Added 9 Sacred Frames for Chapter 6

Strip Chess Puzzles:
Half of the Strip Chess Puzzles are harder than usual
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Rias in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Asia in Chapter 6

Added 2 new costumes for Rias in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costumes for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costume for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costumes for Asia in Chapter 6

Added a Contract for Rias in Chapter 6

Added Rook Training for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 1 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 2 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 3 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Exercising event for Rias in Chapter 6
Added 3 interactions with Miki in Chapter 6
Added a lewd interaction for an Alarm Girl in Chapter 6

Added a daydream for Chapter 6

Music Tracks and Sound Effects:
Added 3 new Sound Effects

Added days of the week to the Sandbox system
Added Sandbox mode for Chapter 6
Made some changes to the Sandbox UI design
Added a new location for the Sandbox mode
Added Soul Catcher for Chapter 6
Added Trophies for Chapter 6
Added Lewd Gallery for Chapter 6
Added Select Chapter for Chapter 6
Made some changes to the Select Chapter UI
Made some changes to the Lewd Gallery UI
Made some changes to the Sacred Frames UI
Changed Main and Quit Menu background images
Fixed a bunch of typos

Additional Changes for the Public Release:
Fixed a bug related to corruption stat
Changed the links for the cheat codes
Made some dialogue changes to the Rook Training event
Added another scene to the Lewd Gallery


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[VN] [Unity] [Winterfire] Vox Gremory [R4]

Release Date: 2024-04-17
Developer: Winterfire – PatreonSubscribeStarItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: R4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, WebGL
Language: English
Length: 30 minutes

Vox Gremory is a parody Visual Novel of DxD which will follow, for the most part, the events in the canon series while expanding some characters and events with custom written scenarios, with a high focus on the hentai content.
Play as Issei, and forge your own harem.​

-Fixed: Being able to save during exit scenes.
-Fixed: Being able to exit the caution/initialization screen.
-Fixed: Being able to exit the exit scenes.
-Fixed: (WEBGL ONLY) Animations not playing.

-Added: 6 CGs (+3 Images).
-Added: 8400 words (~28 minutes gameplay).


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[Ren’Py] [HopesGaming] The DeLuca Family [Season 1]

Release Date: 2024-02-28
Developer: HopesGaming PatreonDiscordTwitterDevianArtWikiSteam
Censored: No
Version: Season 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tells our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family, the DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organizations in the country.

Season 1
Steam Release: The DeLuca Family Season 1
– Added the Visual Novel (VN) mode
– Added Codex section for lore entries

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[Unity] [Steamlynx Games] S.L.A.M. CyberFantasy Evolution Trainer [v0.17.7]

Release Date: 2024-04-17
Developer: Steamlynx Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.17.7
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English/Russian

You play as a genius demonologist Hector van Carnie. Problem is, you don’t remember anything about your life and how you ended up at the Academy…

Everyone claims that you’re a teacher here, a demonic threat defense specialist. What’s more, you have passed an Angelic Truth Detector test with flying colors and proven that you’re not only well-versed in the subject, you’re also an experienced practitioner! You’re capable of spearheading Astral raids, standing your ground against creatures of the Abyss, holding off breaches form the Elemental Planes, and, of course, neutralizing the Demonic Threat.
However, your Intuition tells you it’s no coincidence. All your paperwork is in order, and the Academy’s department of Demonology needs a new teacher! It has to be part of some bigger picture… Right? Although you must admit, the students at the Academy are very pretty. So, it’s up to you to turn Saint Letitia Academy of Magiс into Saint Lascivia Academy of Lust!

Version 0.17.7
The Plot until Gabriella’s arrival and meeting with Hector-from-the-Past.

Technical preparations for the 0.18 release (UI, items in inventory, role-playing system and so on). Mostly this is a groundwork for a proper big release next month (June 2024).

Version 0.17 (Versioning system revised)
This release, for which we’ve even updated our version tracking system, marks a major shift for our project from a Visual Novel to an RPG/Datesim mode!

Under the hood, the LDPE system (Location – Date – Period – Events) now allows the player to freely navigate the Academy, with a functioning day and period change. Both global and secondary plot events are triggered. Moreover, this version lays the foundation for the RPG and Dating systems that we’ll be developing in future releases.

And of course – new locations, new content, new scenes.


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[Unity] [Tiny Devil Studio] Monster Girl Hunt [v0.2.98]

Release Date: 2024-05-17
Developer: Tiny Devil Studio PatreonReddit Discord Redbubble (merch)Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.98
OS: Windows
Language: English

Thrust yourself into the world of Monster Girl Hunt, a world where modesty is a rarely used word and monsters roam the woods. Explore this top down world, battle in high quality turn based encounters where the ultimate goal is to strip your opponent. Help these monsters win and you they will reward you with animated erotic encounters.​

v0.2.98 – Released on 2024-05-17

  • 2 Draft Centaur love events
  • 1 Draft Centaur Poster
  • Bug/typo fixes
  • Small alterations to fit new Patreon guidelines


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