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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Salmon Run] Heroes University H [v0.2.7]

Release Date: 2024-04-06
Developer: Salmon Run PatreonItch.ioTwitterInstagram
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish (WiP)

Heroes University H is an eroge visual novel that takes place in a university of heroes. You are the new student and now you have the mission of finding a hidden menace inside the campus.

You must establish relationships with different girls of the University to find a villain secret agent

To achieve that, you can create your own character. Earn their trust, talk, go on a date, do several activities for different girls, but first, you must find them, navigate the campus with the map, play minigames and more important, take the right decision when it comes to use your own very special power: your wonder shapeshifter dick that adapts to be perfect for every girl.​


  • 5 new hot arts (+ 2 variants)
  • 1 new animated scene (+ 4 variants)
  • New side quest with Mugi.
  • 1 new interrogation mini-game with Villainess Ophelia (new character art + topless option for patrons*)
  • Dynamic music for Villainess Ophelia’s interrogation.
  • Continuation of the story
  • New starting point (Chapter 2: After 4 girls interrogations)
  • *New cheat codes (skip mini-games, topless and gallery) for Salmon shoal tier patrons and up*


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[Unity] [LoserLoseEmpire] A Parallel World’s Policy Against Declining Birthrates ~Appointed to The Role of Creampie Official!~ [v1.03]

Release Date: 2023-12-17
Developer: LoserLoseEmpire DLsiteCi-en
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Store: DLsite

This is a short simulation game about asses stuck to walls.
Impregnate what’s in front of you! Knock them up and use toys to make them cum!
Impregnate the girls to get points and buy new toys!
Cum, cum, and keep cumming to unlock more items!
Let’s aim to knock all 50 of the girls up!


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[Kebab Reverie] I, In the Debt Hell, Picked Up a Runaway High Schoolgirl Who Obeys Me [v2024.05.17]

Release Date: 2024-05-17
Original Title: 借金地獄の俺が言いなり家出JKを拾った
Developer: Kebab Reverie DLsite
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 2024.05.17
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Voices: Japanese
Store: DLsite

On a rainy day, you met a cool young girl at the park. She ended up staying at the debt-ridden protagonist’s house, what will happen next…​


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[VN] [Mekujira] The Director and My Kanojo ~How an Actress’s Ovum Became That Bastard’s Personal Spunk Depository~ [Final]

Release Date: 2012-07-31
Original Title: 鬼監督と俺の彼女~女優の卵が鬼監督と肉体関係を結んだ理由~
Aliases: Oni Kantoku to Ore no Kanojo ~Joyuu no Tamago ga Oni Kantoku to Nikutai Kankei o Musunda Riyuu~
Developer: Mekujira DLsiteCi-en
Translator: Sugoi VN VNDB
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
VNDB: Link
Store: DLsite

Shimura Juku was a renowned theatrical group that sponsored famous actors. They held seminars on the 8th floor of an upscale shopping complex where Kenichi Takasuka (protagonist) was studying drama. One day he met a girl loitering outside a seminar on how to overcome stage anxiety.
Her name was Asako Ikemoto (heroine). They talked for a while. Asako wanted to become an actress. They soon fell in love.
And then…

The “demon director”.
He was the famous heavy hitter of Nanpa Productions. He’d grown fat and lost his enthusiasm for film. He loved the casting couch, though.
“My dick is magic,” he bragged.
“Women fall on it for a chance in the biz,” he snorted.
“They’re all cum sluts. Am I wrong?” he belched.
These were his warped views from his powerful position.
He would attend auditions and exploit the hopeful naivete of young girls.
Girls like Asako.

– FULLY VOICED heroine (2912 spoken words!)
– 112 ILLUSTRATED CG works
– His and her (2) points of view!
– CG view, replay, bonus modes
– Background voices
– Multiple endings (4 total)


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Naitoh] Devil’s Academy DxD [v0.5]

Release Date: 2024-05-04
Developer: Naitoh PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

You’re brought back from the dead after a tragic first date.
Your saviour, however, is a devil, and now you must serve her and her entire family.​

Chapter 6:

Added Chapter 6 Part 1
Added Chapter 6 Part 2
Added Chapter 6 Part 3
Added Chapter 6 Part 4
Added Chapter 6 Part 5
Added Chapter 6 Part 6
Added Chapter 6 Part 7
Added Chapter 6 Part 8

Sacred Frames:
Added 9 Sacred Frames for Chapter 6

Strip Chess Puzzles:
Half of the Strip Chess Puzzles are harder than usual
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Rias in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added Strip Chess Puzzles for Asia in Chapter 6

Added 2 new costumes for Rias in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costumes for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costume for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added 2 new costumes for Asia in Chapter 6

Added a Contract for Rias in Chapter 6

Added Rook Training for Koneko in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 1 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 2 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Stealth Training 3 for Akeno in Chapter 6
Added Exercising event for Rias in Chapter 6
Added 3 interactions with Miki in Chapter 6
Added a lewd interaction for an Alarm Girl in Chapter 6

Added a daydream for Chapter 6

Music Tracks and Sound Effects:
Added 3 new Sound Effects

Added days of the week to the Sandbox system
Added Sandbox mode for Chapter 6
Made some changes to the Sandbox UI design
Added a new location for the Sandbox mode
Added Soul Catcher for Chapter 6
Added Trophies for Chapter 6
Added Lewd Gallery for Chapter 6
Added Select Chapter for Chapter 6
Made some changes to the Select Chapter UI
Made some changes to the Lewd Gallery UI
Made some changes to the Sacred Frames UI
Changed Main and Quit Menu background images
Fixed a bunch of typos

Additional Changes for the Public Release:
Fixed a bug related to corruption stat
Changed the links for the cheat codes
Made some dialogue changes to the Rook Training event
Added another scene to the Lewd Gallery


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[VN] [AVANTGARDE] Forsaken Quartet [v1.02]

Release Date: JPN 2021-05-10 / ENG 2024-05-18
Developer: AVANTGARDE DLsiteCi-enSteam
Publisher: Kagura Games WebsiteTwitterDiscordYoutube
Censored: No
Version: 1.02 Steam
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplefied)
Voices: Japanese
Length: Medium (~10 hours)
VNDB: Link
Store: DLsite

The world has been ravaged by a horrible disease. You and three others are the only people left alive on the small island on which you reside.

Developer Notes:

About This Game

You wake up on your favorite beach, your estranged childhood friend standing over you. The last thing you remember is collapsing from the illness that coursed through the world. How did you and your three companions survive? Is there anyone else left?
As you struggle to survive, you find many questions left unanswered… It’s up to you to uncover the truth.

Spend time with the other survivors and get to know them better. Grow closer as you and your companions work together to uncover the mysteries in this story-driven visual novel.

A Romance-Mystery Visual Novel
Speak to the other survivors, grow closer, start a romance… and find out the truth.
Hand Drawn Art
The characters are brought to life in beautifully hand-drawn art.
Many Endings to Uncover
How well will your romance go? Will you uncover the mysteries and find true love with your beloved, or will your trust break down when the obstacles emerge?


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[Unity] [Dieselmine] And so Blackshadow Came [v1.01]

Release Date: 2023-10-03
Original Title: くろかげ様のお参りに
Developer: Dieselmine DLsiteCi-en
Translator: Surgy
Censored: No
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Language: English (Fan Translation)
Store: DLsite

During the summer after school, the familiar school building undergoes a chilling transformation. Our urgent mission is to navigate through the eerie shadows that seem to come alive and safely escort the girl back to school before she is captured.

Developer/Translator Notes:

This is a full translation, with the map, the first note and all, the text on the background images also translated in places.
Since the game had been completely gutted by Unity parsing due to the way it was made, it’s pointless to post a standalone patch for the original, so the links above are to the full version. This version has some mods over the original, namely it’s uncensored, it takes less memory to run, and the archived game takes less disk space because the assets are pre-decompressed.
Thanks to redraw (CG 10) and advice from nekonick123, the game is now properly uncensored including the roof scene.[Content]
・Navel violation
・Swallowing whole
・Brain violation
・Insect violation
・Violating different species
・Tentacle penetration


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[Ren’Py] [LulluDev] Rie’s Palace [v2.0]

Release Date: 2024-05-17
Developer: LulluDev PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 2.0
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

“A story between two siblings, where over time they start forming new friendships and the sister becomes more distant from her brother, leaving him alone.”
Formanly know as My Perfect Sister​



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[RPGM] [Hellik] Become an adult teacher [v1.0]

Release Date: 2024-02-14
Original Title: 大人の教師になる
Developer: Hellik DLSite
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLSite

Mayumi is a high school teacher who is afraid of opposite sex. On the first day of summer vacation, a succubus appears before her and offers her the power to overcome her fear. Over the course of 14 days, you will help Mayumi overcome her fear of the opposite sex.​

Developer Notes:

– Glory Hole
– Sex in public places
– Prostitution
– Nudist Beach
– Sex in a mixed bath
– Pay off debt with sex
[Game play]
Roam around the city, increase your level of depravity and become more daring. On the 14th day, you’ll receive one of two endings depending on what you’ve done for the past two weeks.
*Gallery mode added


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[VN] [Azarashi Software] AMANATSU ~Perfect Edition~ [Final]

Release Date: JPN 2022-08-26 / ENG 2024-05-17
Developer: Azarashi Software SteamWebsite
Publisher: Shiravune SteamWebsiteYoutubeDiscordTwitter
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese
Voice: Japanese
Length: Medium (~28h)
VNDB: Link
Store: SteamGetchuJastUSA

Japanese coming-of-age VN from hit developer AZARASHI SOFTWARE. After moving to a sleepy seaside town, Haruto befriends three unforgettable heroines, each with unique traits—and a surprise confession. Navigate your own summer of love on this sugar-sweet journey of romance and discovery.​

Developer Notes:

Multi-choice, single-ending VN with 5+ hours till credits
Star-studded cast of professional Japanese voice talentSTORY
Haruto leaves the big city for a coastal town surrounded by blue sea and deep-green mountains. Hailing from the rat race of urban society, he half-expects another uphill challenge in a new battlefield.
…But nothing could be further from the truth.
Right from day one, he is befriended by new classmates and quickly learns to sit back and enjoy life―all while getting to know three very different girls who inspire in him another kind of sea change.
There’s Kazuha, the taciturn daughter of the family that takes him in, who’s lowkey the perfect host…
Kogane, the always sunny, high-energy first-year he meets through a sudden and dramatic encounter…
And Yashiro, a shrine-maiden third-year with a silly streak, who’s like nothing out of this world…
Here Haruto’s friendships and romance will interweave as a unique student love story unfolds. Over one dazzling summer, one girl’s affections will bloom from nascent butterflies into deepest love.CHARACTERS

Kazuha Ainokura
Yukari Aoyama

A second-year student like Haruto and the daughter of relatives on his mother’s side. She has a strong-willed personality and can be a bit stubborn, often displaying a tough exterior.

Their relationship starts off somewhat awkwardly due to initial misunderstandings and having to live under the same roof. However, she has a fundamentally caring nature, often looking out for him, especially considering his recent move as a newcomer.

Kogane Amahara
Hana Akino

A girl one year below Haruto who gets along with everyone but never really seems to let people in. For better or worse, the distance she keeps only adds to her idol-like appeal and has won her plenty of male and female fans alike.

Always the type to enthusiastically join in on anything fun, showcasing excellent athletic prowess and even helping out at various school clubs. Her inclusive and easygoing nature allows her to engage in playful banter with just about anyone she meets.

Yashiro Kaminashi
Roro Amari

A girl who’s one year above Haruto and also a priestess at the Nanakayama Shrine. Her distinct sensibilities often see her spending time alone, although many of her male classmates are enchanted by her good looks and cool demeanor.

Though she doesn’t express her emotions too openly, at heart, she cares for all those around her. Forever a daydreamer, she can sometimes be slow to catch on.


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