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[Unreal Engine] [TeamKRAMA] Seed of the Dead 2: Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC [v2.08]

Release Date: 2023-11-30
Developer: TeamKRAMA Patreon Website (jp)SteamDLsite
Censored: No
Version: 2.08
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Prepare to Experience the Ultimate EX(Ecstasy)FPS.
To protect that cute girl you like from the zombies and other horrors ravaging the streets, it’s time to unleash hell!
Heal the injured heroines with sex!
Unload that magnum in your pants, and shoot from the hip! Send them into ecstasy!
What awaits you and the heroines in this new life in a destroyed world…!?​

v20.8 Sweet Home + Charm Song DLC

  • Fixed an issue where an unreasonable situation where friends were taken outside the stage continued.
  • Fixed an issue where traffic routes were not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where attack actions were difficult to understand

Act 13 boss fix

  • Fixed an issue where attack pattern change based on physical strength was not working.
  • Adjustment of physical strength etc.
  • Fixed an issue where restraint attacks were not occurring
  • Fixed an issue where summoning reinforcements was not working properly.

idle mode

  • Improved idle mode lag
  • Fixed an issue where individual instruction in idle mode occurred up to Ver. 2.06, but no longer occurred from Ver. 2.07.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when a free live failed.

Combat related

  • Fixed an issue where the heroine would not gather due to the zip line behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where turrets were not effectively attacking some enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where costumes were not working properly in WaterGun
  • Fixed an issue where the idol decoy’s clothing part did not become a hologram and remained normal clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement “It Shakes” was not unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where the heroine’s breasts would shake when shot and suddenly stopped working.
  • Fixed a bug in displaying the best score for Halloween and Christmas.
  • Act10 Fixed an issue where the boss would not die if it received lethal fall damage.
  • Act9 Fixed an issue where even if you died during siege, it would be treated as cleared.

Costume related

  • Physical adjustment of the skirt part of Chinese clothes
  • Fixed an issue where part of Einomaru’s costume was misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where Hikari’s facial expressions did not move properly when wearing gym clothes.

mini game

  • Corrected the game balance of the Nyotaimori game.
  • Fixed an issue where BGM was not included in mini-games
  • Fixed an issue where the operation would become strange when returning to the hometown from the photo studio

death scene

  • Fixed issues with playing some death scenes.

Talk event

  • Fixed some translation mistakes and bugs


Sweet Home Base Game:
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Charm Song DLC:
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[Unity] [Monster Nut Games] Maiden Kingdom [Final]

Release Date: 2023-03-07
Developer: Monster Nut Games PatreonSteamX (Twitter)
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

Maiden Kingdom is a hentai RPG visual novel set in a fantasy kingdom filled with monsters, mysteries, and horny maidens.
Journey through this adult RPG adventure with very naughty NSFW storylines and tons of high quality unlockable NSFW scenes.
Play through the game with all 5 maidens and experience their fighting styles, storylines, and their deepest perverted secrets.​


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]Unreal Engine] [Rexx] Orcslayers – Viewer Preview [v2.7]

Release Date: 2023-11-30
Developer: Rexx Tumblr (RIP)Twitter (Main)Twitter (Content Only)PatreonRexxworldRedditNewgroundsPornhubPiczel.tv
Censored: No
Version: 2.7
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voiced: English

A scene viewer where you can switch between 3 elven models and 2 orc models. (Placeholder)​

New Map : Prison

Can be reached through the new door. While I get it developed, I made the doors themselves have no collision, so you can just walk through them to go inside each cell.

New Animations and Characters
Though still rough, I added a few more characters to the build and some rough animations. Check them out using the functions from the last build.

Photo Mode Improvements
While not much has changed, I made it so when you exit photo mode it will save your settings in the game itself. This allows one to customize the feel of the whole game. Sadly does not save between levels yet, but I am trying.

Style Presets
Just hit the =/+ key to cycle through a few styles. It’s mainly previous styles I have considered before landing on the current one. Figures people would enjoy the options.

Edit Mode
While in the playground area, hit the (T) key for a special RTS camera mode. This allows you to right click and move the actors in each scene somewhere else. This is a limited system right now, and can be buggy. If it does not like picking up or letting go, try to use clear double right clicks. It also has no boundary, so try not to fly off the maps.

Unlockable Characters
Each map has a lock sitting around somewhere. If you find a lock, stand almost on top of it, and hit (E), you will unlock a character. The characters are Samira, Miss Fortune, and Ahsoka Tano. This function does save between levels but does not save on closing, so you will need to unlock again when you start up. Hope to fix that someday soon.

A few other small things.

Changing characters now has a little name pop up. It’s just a for fun thing.
When in Viewer Mode, press (HOME) to change between the three levels. Press (U) to switch your location in the level to one of six or so preset spots.
When inside a scene, whether in the Playground or Viewer, you can make the male cum by hitting (H). It’s a simple system so don’t expect a lot, but it was something a lot of people wanted.
The view of the character in the Playground now defaults to first person. You can still switch to third person or top down using (C).
The shackles on the characters are now disabled by default, as I need to figure out a better way to attach them. You could turn them back on by hitting (I) if you really liked them, but there will be some bad clipping on some animations.
Oh, and for those that really don’t like the music, hitting (END) will turn it off. If you want it back on just hit (END) again or go back to the main menu.
For most previous control keys, check out the post for the previous build.


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[Unity] [BouSoft] Dereah Sister Hypnosis App [v1.2.7]

Release Date: 2023-12-04
Original Title: でれあへ?妹発情催眠アプリ!
Developer: BouSoft DLsiteCi-enTwitterWebsite
Censored: No (Patched)
Version: 1.2.7
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese, English, Spanish
Voices: Japanese
Other Games: BouSoft
Store: DLsite

It’s a 3D touching game with a strong degree of freedom and obsession. You can experience interactive touches in real time.

You can touch almost all parts of the girl’s body, from her head to the soles of her feet, and even her sides and cheeks.

Her hair is silky smooth, and her soft parts such as her breasts, buttocks, belly, and cheeks are soft.

She can be made to stand, sit, crawl on all fours, or lie down. Posing can be changed seamlessly.

There is a camera that can be moved freely and a fixed camera that focuses on a specific part of the body.​

Adjusted the way joints bend.
Fixed an issue where sound would cut off during blowjob scenes.

Here is what we fixed and adjusted in Dereahe~Ver1.2.6.
Fixed a bluish color of wipe camera image when screen resolution is low.
Fixed that the item inserted into the mouth was not visible.
Fixed a problem where the item inserted into the mouth was not visible.


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[Zoctongo] Zoctongo:LustGuns2 [v0.8]

Release Date: 2023-12-02
Developer: Zoctongo – PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

A game about a lustful demon hunter, you just start your hunter journey, you live with a charming woman in the same house, take care of a woman, and fight demons!)​

Developer Notes:

My first 3D game with 2D images.
I’m glad that I didn’t have to switch to Unity or another 3D engine, and I stayed on making games in my usual program!
It’s cool, because it’s just physically easy to make games in it)
Just a bunch of possibilities, 3D is cool)
Image quality still needs improvement. While evaluating the accuracy of loading the CPU and GPU, although everything is simple here, the engine loads all the resources at once on the same level, so I had to come up with tricks to avoid this.
At least some kind of plot, albeit conditional. (Compared to the first part)
Yes, and immersion in the world is clearly better here.
If that the first part and the second part are not connected in any way!

– changed the city
– increased movement speed (and on a bicycle)
– demon boss
– +2 regular demons
– instant day change
– saving and loading
– 2 new characters
– new scenery
– several new ways to interact with the world
– added and improved the player’s book (quest markers, map, etc.) (the book was added instead of the computer to the room) (click on X)

This version of the game is 0.8 and it is the starting point, before that there were attempts to figure out 3D, now I know what I want, but there is one more feature that I will add in the next updates, it is related to the lust of the character, I want to add a reaction of 100% lust to certain dialogues or events. It’s not just that he has such a huge, full of sperm penis) more precisely, you) you are the main character of the game) it’s your big dick and you fuck everyone) and you will also fuck your… hmm..Well, you get it)) you will fill her with warm sperm)))

and maybe even make her pregnant))

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[Unity] [MrZGames] Kinky Fight Club 2 [v0.5.1]

Release Date: 2023-12-03
Developer: MrZGames PatreonBlogItch.ioDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

The game consists of a club where people can go and have sexfights! That is, a wrestling match where the objective is not to pin down the opponent or beat them, but to make them cum! The first one to cum, loses!​


You can now enable and play in real time! No more waiting for turns, no more exchange fairness, now it’s all happening at the same time.
This mode changes the game significantly, it makes it feel much much faster, while the overall speed of the game is the same, it provokes a different sensation, one I really like. I haven’t had time to change or set different tooltips, but one turn lasts 5 seconds, so all effects that have their duration set to turns, last 5 seconds for turn, so a buff that lasts 5 turns, would last 25 seconds.
I may need to do some more fine-tuning later on, but so far it is working!Gallery
Another big requested feature!
You can now start a match in the gallery mode (in Extras) and go around and check for all the sex positions and restraints, and basically anything you want. And unlike previous games, the gallery is fully unlocked from the start!Victory pose customization
I added 16 new victory positions, you can now select your character’s victory pose!New character
A new returning character is back on the club: Morgan the pirate!
He comes with his characteristic passives making him more powerful the closer to the edge he is!

New stage
I added a new stage: The training area!

New sex positions
I added 2 new sex positions: Bend doggystyle and Tight missionary
I also added a new threesome position: Spitroast 2!

Disable threesomes
I added a toggle to disable threesomes if you don’t wanna see them in the game. You will still need to select assistants, but they won’t do anything in the game.

Main menu polish
I added some furniture and polished the background of the main menu. It looks more cozy now.

I fixed a bunch of issues, missing animations, loading errors, AI cheating to escape, etc.
And some more small changes!
I hope you enjoy what we worked on this month!

Regarding campaign mode
I wanted to add the campaign mode this month, and it was too much. I don’t like to make excuses so the truth is I bit more than I could chew with adding all that this month (and I also got blocked from progress thanks to the level designer not finishing the area on time).
But it will be ready for the next month for sure.
Having said that, this game and all of this wouldn’t be possible without your support, so I wanna thank all of you who believe in us, enjoy the game and support us making this possible!


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[Unity] [Love OS Games] Mating Season (Formerly Breeding Season 3D) [v0.2i]

Release Date: 2023-07-08
Developer: Love OS Games PatreonTwitterItch.ioYouTube
Censored: No
Version: 0.2i
OS: Windows
Language: English

Inspired by another breeding game, Breeding Season. Your parents have passed, leaving you with a once proud farm that has sadly fallen into disrepair. As a first-time monster breeder, there’s only one thing to do – screw your way back up to the top! Explore bountiful woods and moist caverns, searching for exotic creatures to add to your collection. Breed a bevy of buxom beasties, either by playing matchmaker or by getting first hand experience. And if country life has got you down, there’s always a shoulder to cry on, a lap to sit on, and a hole to fill in town. It’s time to grab your destiny, and it’s big enough that you’ll need both hands.

The goal of this project is to create a title that focuses equally on eroticism and on in-depth, satisfying breeding mechanics. I aim to provide a beautiful game with visually stimulating graphics, inviting sound design (with voice acting for NPCs and monsters!), and an immersive world for you to explore. By playing through the game and making new friends (and lovers) you will be able to unlock new locations, capture new monsters, and breed magical creatures with unique appearances and traits.


  • New Fruit: Penana
  • New Monsters: Demon, Harpy
  • New Status System (+Removed Agility and Virility)
  • New Player LvUp + Player Skills
  • Revamped Traits Mechanics (Removed Thicc & Thin)
  • New Catching formula
  • New Pregnancy Formula
  • Produce item quality
  • Equipment System (Inventory/Equipment) – sold by Rose
  • Missions System (Dispatch Quest) – talk to Guild’s desk
  • Remove whacking trees and stones and tools – can pick them up
  • Skip sex scene (option to end sex scene immediately)
  • Removed Season from the game
  • UI: Added Breeding count in status window
  • UI: Monster Name Change
  • Artist Mode: Censored/Streaming Mode
  • Artist Mode: Nipples Color
  • Milker sold by Rose
  • Merge male + omega, female + futa palette


  • BUG: Fix game settings cursor disappear after clicking a setting
  • BUG: Branch doesn’t disappear after killed
  • BUG: Shadows flickering when crouching down
  • BUG: Shears/Milker bug when used on monsters

Known bugs

  • Mountain lag (still not fixed yet)



Patches: Incest Patch (v0.0.10+)


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[Unity] [Jaguar] Roshutsu [Alpha8]

Release Date: 2023-12-02
Developer: Jaguar Patreon Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: Alpha 8
OS: Windows
Language: English

Rika Suto (須戸 りいか, Suto Riika) is a plain-looking 22 year-old exploring her newfound freedom away from home. She always had a dream of cosplaying in public, fantasizing about being surrounded by people taking her picture. The thought of being so exposed to others excited her deep down.

One day, she happened across JAV of a woman outside removing her clothes in public as onlookers watched. That video revealed a whole new world to Rika: exposure play. She quickly became consumed by it and fantasized about it every night: the thought of being so exposed, nothing to hide, everything visible to everyone; she couldn’t get enough of it!

Eventually she had enough fantasizing and set out into the night with a single goal in mind: to feel the cool night wind all over.

Play as Rika as she descends into the world of exposure play. Explore her apartment and prepare herself nightly adventure. Dress-up (or down) with a variety of outfits ranging from plain to fetish. Use her laptop to visit an exhibitionism forum to select daring challenges or upgrade her skills to become more bold and daring. Lay in bed or take a shower to relax or psyche herself up for the night to come.

Once you’re ready to leave and appropriately dressed (or brave enough), step out the door and into the night!

Alpha 8


  • The neighborhood is now fixed to nighttime. A daytime mode will be re-added in a future update.
  • Removed confidence health bar.
  • Track the number of times you’ve been caught and for how long.
  • Discarded clothing may now be picked up by other characters.
  • Increased the number of NPCs from 6 to up to 20 at a time.
  • NPCs who spot you will alert nearby other NPCs, potentially drawing more attention to yourself.
  • Game version now only displays on the title screen.
  • Migrated the renderer from built-in render pipeline to universal render pipeline.
  • Accessories are now instantly equipped or unequipped.
  • NPCs can now become alerted. When alerted, they will detect you much faster. They can become alerted after seeing you or being alerted by another NPC who just saw you.
  • Decrease detection time so that NPCs detect you quicker.
  • Remove developer console and Lua scripting
  • Remove Story Mode and Rika’s apartment. These will return in a future update.

Known Issues

  • NPCs can get stuck in-place on level geometry.
  • Footsteps may not play the right sound.
  • Blindfold does not black out the nearby area.



  • Explore a quaint Japanese neighborhood with many nook and crannies to hide in.
  • Strip off everything as you remove Rika’s clothes one piece at a time in increasingly daring locations.
  • Masturbate to relieve Rika as she gets increasingly turned on from streaking.
  • Earn a high score from removing your clothes and masturbating from the excitement.

This alpha is in active development. Many assets are either placeholder or missing and are highly subject to change. Additional mechanics have also not yet been implemented.

An Xbox One controller is the recommended way to play.

  • Move your character with WASD or the left control stick.
  • Rotate the camera with the mouse or right control stick.
  • Remove your top by holding down T on the keyboard or Y on a game pad.
  • Remove your bottom by holding down G on the keyboard or X on a game pad.
  • Pick up your clothes by holding down F on the keyboard or A on a game pad.
  • Masturbate by pressing V on the keyboard or B on the game pad when arousal cross the threshold.
  • Pause the game with escape on the keyboard or start on the game pad.


  • Wiggle both control sticks while masturbating to stimulate yourself.
  • Some clothes reduces your ability to regain confidence and increases the amount of embarrassment received more so than others.


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[Unreal Engine] [eTIRUe] Forest of Relics [v2023-08-12]

Release Date: 2023-01-25
Developer: eTIRUe Steam
Publisher: eTIRUe
Censored: No Sexual Content
Version: 2023-08-12
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese – Brazil, Portuguese – Portugal, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish
Store: Steam

Use the Run / Jump / Hanging / Paragliding to pass through various obstacles and obtain treasures. Spinel, the guardian of the ruins, is testing you.​

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[Unreal Engine] [Evil Boobs Cult] Sex, Please [Teaser v0.03]

Release Date: 2023-11-18
Developer: Evil Boobs Cult – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Interactive Teaser – 0.03
OS: Windows
Language: English

Sex, Please – is a 3d game about a trash streamer who has sex in a sex shop.​

Developer Notes:

This is an interactive teaser for the game “Sex, Please”.
Now I’m ready to show just a couple of small animations.
Over time I will update this build and add more content.

Interactive Teaser v0.03
Added sex with a nurse. Masturbation on the F key (you have to look at the penis to jerk off), and the ability to poop (R key), to poop you have to stand still.


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