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[RPGM] [Dekarous] Sunny Coast College [v2.01]

Release Date: 2020-05-23
Developer: Dekarous Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.01
OS: Windows
Language: English

The story takes place on the Sunny Coast College grounds and you are tasked to find a partner for the upcoming Valentine’s Ball, protect your brother from his cruel bullies and manage to survive the machinations of the sadistic girls you meet along the way.

The game is a classic non-combat RPG with multiple choices and branching storylines. I put a lot of emphasis on replayability and choices that matter, at times you’ll have to replay a scenario more than 6 times to see all the possible outcomes. The game has no traditional combat at all, but you can die or get hurt depending on the choices you make. This is not a visual novel. It’s an open world RPG that puts a lot of emphasis on text based choices and actions.

– Fixed deadend quest path after you choose Gwen for the Ball and refuse to kick Ariah, you can now sleep and advance to Day 5, assuming you have talked to Gwen and either agreed to Ariah’s plot or helped Nicole bully a boy in the eatery. The Nicole/Gwen toilet ending is now obtainable.
– Made it impossible to leave with Ariah after introducing her to Ivy. It resulted in a deadend.
– Added messages to inform you that you need to accept Ariah’s plot/agree with everything Nicole says in the day after the Ball to continue on with the story
– Made Gwen 10% cuter
– The above fix is a lie, Gwen can’t get any cuter than she already is

– Added Day 7


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[Yurale TG] TG Emblem [v0.46.1]

Release Date: 2024-02-24
Developer: Yurale TG Itch.ioPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.46.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

Ilmeros, a mysterious man with the power over lust and desire, uses his yin magic to fight against the invasion of the Florencian Kingdom by their neighbors the Melkian Kingdom. In the process he discovers a deep plot behind the history of the world and his own strange abilities. All while transforming both his unwary companions and enemies into his loyal and sexy female pawns.​

– 2 New TG Characters 2 New Chapters
– Male Route
– Larger Character Illustrations
– Pocket Realm updates to various costs and available upgrades
– Class changes changed to SRPG Studio style 1-30 (changed to avoid other issues, even though the classic FE style was favored in polls)
– Lust max is now 60.
– Info guides added to base camp
– Leisure option added so you can spend time with your harem members whenever.
– Exp gain changed from High-Low to normal
– Character sprite change added in Info Tab
– Character Stat guide
– Added Grindable Lvl 5 and Lvl 10 quests
– Updated Jenneh/Joselines portraits
– Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes not return from realm missions when entering the realm multiple times Updated Lust increasing events to allow Lust to increase past 10 pre-ch12


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [OnlyANoob] Journey Into Sissyhood [v0.8.0]

Release Date: 2024-02-09
Aliases: JiS
Developer: OnlyANoob PatreonBuyMeACoffeeSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Journey Into Sissyhood is a story about a young adult that will be transformed into a beautiful sissy. You will have to face naughty decisions that will lead to either a life of being a good sissy or a life full of naughty things, but don’t be fooled, you can taste a little bit of both worlds if you choose to.
You will be asked to take quizzes and tests, you will be forced to listen to audio hypnosis and watch hypno porn loops.
Keep in mind that this is an alpha version and the game can be subjected to major changes in the future depending on the feedback that I will receive from the players.
There will be a slow transformation path that I am currently working on. And the gay stuff will become optional with the future releases.​


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[HTML] [Deedee] Secretary [v1.0.0.2 Endgame Pre Release]

Release Date: 2024-01-14
Developer: Deedee TFGamesitePatreonDiscord
Version: Endgame Pre Release
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Secretary is an erotic adventure life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a few wrong decisions made his life fall apart, which lead him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinion on how to motivate subordinates might differ from your typical work relationship​

v1.0.0.2 Endgame Pre Release

Gather Your Forces:
-Marshal your allies and form a plan for the final run at Mr. Pawn.
-Over 21.1k words and 83 new passagesThe End:
-28 company endings.
-Endings for 14 major characters.
-Ending summaries for 28 additional characters/locations.
-Over 20.5k words and 107 new passagesPost-NaNoWriMo Extravaganza:
-Bonus Scene 4: The Wonderful Wizard Of Tech/ Alex: Steel.
-Bonus Scene 5: The Wonderful Wizard Of Tech/Starting The Day Off Right.
-Bonus Scene 6: Interdepartment Training/A Doll’s Life.
-Over 7.5k words and 40 new passages

Minor Additions:
-Alt stage 5 unlock for aphrodisiac trial.
-More thorough achievement coverage for discussion topics.
-Ability to rescue Michelle Tōru after Dr. Twig has been destroyed.

Tester and Contributor Reward Scenes (designed as rewards for individual testers/backers, playable by all):
-Backer Scene: Revising The Past.
-VIP Scene: Not-Always-Evil Nurse.
-VIP Scene: Celebrating Morgan’s New Position.
-VIP Scene: Ice Cold Counseling.
-VIP Scene: Double Red.
-VIP Scene: Proposing A Merger.
-VIP Scene: Digging In Roots.
-Reward Scene: The Horny Heal-Slut.
-Reward Scene: More Extreme.
-Reward Scene: Professional Bimbo Therapy.
-Reward Scene: Riding Sexy.
-Tester Scene: Fit For A Makeover.
-Tester Scene: Perks Of Power.
-Tester Scene: More Than A Handful.
-Tester Scene: On Display At The Club.
-Tester Scene: Enthusiastically Marked.
-Tester Scene: Racing To A Climax.
-Tester Scene: Caged Cuties.
-Tester Scene: Flowers And Sweets.
-Over 33.4k words and 177 new passages

Total Release Additions: 124k words/575 passages/601 achievements
Total Gamesize: 2.83 million words/10353 passages/4671 achievements

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[Savin/Salamander Studios] Corruption of Champions II [v0.6.34]

Release Date: 2024-02-09
Developer: Savin/Salamander Studios PatreonFenoxo
Censored: 0.6.34
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

There are many, many worlds.

One, called Mareth, was perhaps the heart of them all. Cracks in the space between worlds, called portals, all seemed to lead there. Many portals led to Mareth, but none left it.
One sacrifice came from the village of Ingnam. This so-called ‘Champion’ was but a pawn in the village elders’ long plot to extend their lives, but the Champion escaped her fate by beating back the demons’ minions waiting on the other side of the portal, and set out on a one woman crusade to bring an end to the Demon menace once and for all. That was a year ago, and a world away.

You have never heard of a world called Mareth, nor a village named Ingnam. Nearly a year ago, you set off on your own, leaving your former life behind to seek your fortunes on the wild frontier – a year of traveling, exploring, fighting, and surviving alone. You’ve earned yourself a little coin in your travels, enough to book passage to the furthest reaches of the known world: the Frost Marches.​


  • EDIT: Hotfix is out fixing a crash related to being in heat. We finally managed to crash the game entirely due to a joke. Oops.
  • Kalysea has a set of sex scenes for the camp which, if done in quick succession, offer additional content.
  • You can find out some more about her via talks…
  • A couple of “camping trips”, the first of them giving you additional content for her camp scenes and the second… well, you’ll know by the time you get there.
  • Overworld scenes! Kalysea is an extremely libidinous centauress, and she’s going to take care of her needs one way or another while you’re travelling. These can be toggled off/on in her camp menu.
  • Eubicha scenes! If you so choose, you can introduce your very large and submissive pack-centaur to Kalysea. They hit it off quite nicely, as it turns out. This also includes overworld scenes.
  • A few bonus scenes – blurbs in events, a little bit of integration with another NPC, tidbits around the world.
  • On an unrelated note, Eryka has a new titfuck scene! (By B!)
  • Eryka has some more content for using her pussy after she’s been dedicked. (Also by B!)
  • S&C’s disguises can be toggled at the Wayfort.
  • The Blue Balled status has been renamed Pent Up to avoid confusion. (In silly mode, it may be labeled Submissive and Breedable!)
  • Heat and Rut now give Pent Up when you acquire those statuses.


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[HTML] [Natnatnat] The Princess Trap [v0.3.3]

Release Date: 2024-02-09
Developer: Natnatnat TFgamesDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.3
OS: Windows
Language: English

After the Princess runs away from home, a male prisoner is forced to take her place in disguise – but with a mysterious chemical slowly changing his body and a royalty-murdering assassin on the loose, his very life is on the line!
Will he manage to escape the deadly trap he’s caught in, or will he be ensnared in the courtly drama, intrigue, romance, and sexuality – and drawn deeper into his role than he ever could have imagined?​

The Princess Trap is an erotic, fantasy, narrative-heavy, slow-burn, interactive story featuring themes of feminisation, slow MtF transformation, submission, and crossdressing, as well as milder themes of sissification, corruption, bimbofication, exhibitionism, and humiliation.

This game is made in Twee using the Sugarcube format and complied with Tweego.
The game is still in it’s early stages, with lots more planned to come. Please let me know if you notice any bugs or inconsistencies!


  • Unlocks the last optional event on day 6 – shopping in the Saint Joules luxury boutiques.
  • Adds 30k words of new content.
  • Adds another ‘skip to new content’ button on the front page, alongside the one for 0.3.2


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[HTML] [Icy Viridian] Wasteland Lewdness [v0.47.1]

Release Date: 2024-02-04
Developer: Icy Viridian Patreon Itch.ioTfGamesSite
Censored: No
Version: v0.47.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

In this tortured world, nuclear bombs didn’t just take more than half of the human population away, they also burned all the humanity from those who survived…… You are a young man who has never ventured beyond your safe settlement until now. Forced to leave your home and into the wastes — where almost everything tries to kill you, and the rest wants to do things far worse — on a tech-scavenge quest.​


New contents:

*Investments system.*

–Now there are several investment opportunities in the wastelands, they will generate passive income while time passes in-game.

–You can become a partner of Frank’s bar after you help Nogas.

–Lady Roxanne will give you a share of Red Lights’ profit if you are the savior of Greyfold.

–Your slaves in the cage can now earn you money if you choose to rent them.

–You can invest in some local businesses in Shine Town, this will also allow the purchases of Shine Town player home.

*New inventory menu: Assets.*

–You can now keep track of your investments and real estate in your inventory menu’s sub-category “Assets”.

*Shine Town content.*

–1 more elite bounties.

–Bounty hunter points rewarded for elite bounties increased.

*New content for Roland.*

–Take him with you to more elite bounties to advance his romance.

*New content for Mrs Lovell.*

–You can now come back to her for more of her “service”.

*2 new sex scenes.*

–New scene with Roland.

–New scene with Mrs Lovell.

*1 new unique weapon.*

–Reward of elite bounty.

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[HTML] [SIFAGames] EP:Backrooms [v5.11a Public]

Release Date: 2024-02-03
Aliases: Enhards Project: Backrooms
Developer: SIFAGames – PatreonDiscord
Censored: Partial
Version: 5.11a Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Enhards Project

You are a young guy who decided to try a new trial program “Enhards Project: Backrooms” (or just EP:Backrooms). As the slogan said – “Life is Better when You are Better”. So maybe you can become a better person… or at least earn some cash

HotFix v5.11:
– fixed clothing bug when losing to Elf

v5.10a – Christmas Stable

  • Lots of code refactoring; significantly reduced save file size. Also a step toward maybe not breaking saves in future updates…
  • The game now scales up to larger screen sizes better.
    (This also sort of breaks the ability to zoom using your browser, please let us know if you need that on Discord…)
  • Added some simple animation to UI elements. Note that these are disabled if you have a “reduced motion” setting turned on in your OS or browser. Also, most of these are mouse-hovering effects; sorry, mobile users.
  • Improved the grammar of most text in the game; thanks, Zein!
  • Added a nicer settings menu and more settings to adjust difficulty (left sidebard>settings)
  • Inventory changes:Card deck and unworn item inventory can be reorganized more easily.
    Unworn inventory shows your currently worn item on hover, and when about to replace.
    Unworn and worn inventories are accessible from each other.
    Clothing can be removed (and kept in unworn inventory).
  • some small bug fixes


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[Flash] [Fenoxo] Trials in Tainted Space [v0.9.089]

Release Date: 2024-02-02
Developer: Fenoxo WebsitePatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.089
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Air, Linux
Language: English

Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it’s easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.​

0.9.089 Backer

  • [Backers] Reaha’s Amazon expansion has been added. To engage it, Reaha must be crew, cured, and you must meet a Milodan futazon on Uveto. Written by Couch, coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Ship vendors (and part vendors) should now have a “Licensing” dialogue that allows you to gain access to their wares at home, with Vahn. (Fenoxo)
  • [Public] Eitan Sleep-with content is now available for everyone.
  • Sam can now be impregnated as crew. Pup visit events are also in (though they require her to be on crew and your ship docked at Tavros). Coded by DrunkZombie.
    • Sam’s trust level can now be checked in the codex.
    • Time now properly passes while sleeping with Sam.
    • Various other small fixes to her existing content.
  • The Sidewinder got room descriptions. Big thanks to Couch for writing what Fendon’t.
  • Added CG and video thumbnails for the gallery. (Jacques00)
  • Improved gallery scroll performance. (Jacques00)
  • Improved image rescaling settings. (Jacques00)
  • Improved keybindings across the game. It should be fully playable with keyboard now. (Jacques00)
  • Added indicators to the light’s out minigame to make it clearer what the effects of a click will be. (Jacques00)
  • Clicking on blackjack cards should make them viewable in the image viewer. (Jacques00)
  • Turrets should now escape grapples. (Jacques00)


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[RPGM] [Team Desire/Aquin25] Cyberspace Battle Maiden Academy [v7]

Release Date: 2024-01-02
Developer: Team Desire/Aquin25 – PatreonDiscordTwitterWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 7
OS: Windows
Language: English

Mysteries Abound, with secrets hidden within.
Secrets one hides from themselves, and secrets others hide for themselves.
The question… can you uncover them?
Are you willing to take the risk?
Or is the danger, and self doubt too strong?

Welcome to C.B.M.A. a spiritual sequel to “Desire Guardians”

This game is a RPG with a heavy story focus, mainly delving into the Sci-fi and Mystery generes, as you go into the CBMA to look into the dissapearance of your sister… and potentially discover a lot more about the secrets hiding both in the school… and in oneself.

Similar to Desire Guardians, the game is based around a daily loop system, where the player on a daily delves into dungeons to explore unique, corrupted websites that function as the game’s dungeons, while afterwords spending time with your party members.

However, to improve on Desire Guardians, this game now has a a larger, revolving party system, and more of a story focus from the beginning of development, allowing for much earlier story and character progression.

So, are you prepared to face the dangers the internet has to offer? Come on in, and see for yourself!

A new Dungeon (Toys Ahoy), New After work events for Kira & Melody, A TF has been added to the pimp dungeon, only accessible after beating the hospital dungeon, Plus a… little suprise I don’t want to spoil for anyone who has 13 or more TF’s.


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